0 thoughts on “Surefire Jobs Plan: Evict All Illegal Aliens

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Why should illegal aliens be rewarded for breaking our laws by sneaking into the country illegally? They should be deported! I don’t care how long they have been here, that just lengthens the time of their crime. American citizens should not have to compete with illegals for jobs. Anyone who does not like that concept can join the illegals on the deportation barges.

  2. sunfire love your comment i had recently due to the horrible job market had to work in a carwash all illegals and i was the only american who spoke english made my stomach turn everyday i went in there the owner of the carwash owns 17 of these and has nothing but non english speaking monkeys working for 6 to 8 dollars an hour and it was perfectly fine for them to be racist towards me i kept saying to myself who’s f–king country is this and all the goverment does is nothing and if they deport them all they do is change there names and jump the border again there’s no punishment shit this country feeds them and gives them the welcome mat try crossing the borders in any other country you either get shot raped or worse this country is done and all those scumbags in congress dont care they have a few them cleaning there mansions and mowing there lawns they are the problem there is a great man ted nugent who hates these neanderthals and has said we should shoot them if they illegally cross and english should be the mandatory language if this man ran for office i would vote for him he is old school thinking and basically said stop giving them welfare i could keep going on but for what this goverment is a complete pile of shit that’s why they should change the name of the white house to the shit house

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