Surgeon who operated on young Italian vaccine victim: ‘You have never seen anything like this’

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Camilla Canepa was operated on by Gianluigi Zona, director of the neurosurgical and neuro-traumatological clinic of the San Martino hospital: “I had never seen a brain that was affected by such an extensive and severe thrombosis.”

The neurosurgeon on duty in San Martino that night was Alessandro d’Andrea, who also called the chief physician to his side at the operating table. “We decided to have a decompression craniotomy, in which the skull is opened to relieve internal pressure.” 

Zona recounted the experience: “All venous sinuses were blocked with thrombi, a scenario I have never seen in my many years in this profession. Think of the venous sinus as the river in the middle of a valley where several streams converge. If a dam is built in the middle of the watercourse, the river swells and the tributaries can no longer drain at this point, so that the pressure rises upstream.

“I’m neither a virologist, nor an epidemiologist, nor a coroner, but given the image I saw in the girl’s head, it is clear that we are dealing with something that is not normal.”

The parents of the 18-year-old who died, told the media: “She had no disease.” Last week, the prosecutor of Genoa, which coordinates the ongoing investigations, will instruct the Pavia coroner to perform the autopsy on the body of Camilla Canepa, the eighteen year old who died after the vaccine. The girl allegedly suffered from chronic platelet deficiency, a “familial autoimmune thrombocytopenia”. This is what investigators have learned from the first reports of the doctors.

But the girl’s family, assisted by the lawyer Angelo Paone, is firm on this point. “Camilla had no disease,” explained their lawyer. Supporting their claim, are two different CT scans. She had undergone the two scans, and was discharged after the first one that had not shown the situation of the thrombosis in progress, but immediately transferred to the hospital after the second showing that her health had been compromised.

The girl arrived in the emergency room in the Lavagna hospital on June 3, just a week after the AstraZeneca shot. She had complained of severe headaches.

Canepa, who was from the town of Sestri Levante in Liguria, was given the jab during a vaccination “open day” for youths over 18. The AstraZeneca jab has been approved for all over-18s, but in Italy it is only recommended for over-60s due to links to several cases of blood clots in younger people.

Camilla’s case has raised concerns among young people previously keen to get vaccinated to obtain the Green Pass or vaccine passport enabling them to travel and attend mass events.

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8 thoughts on “Surgeon who operated on young Italian vaccine victim: ‘You have never seen anything like this’

    1. Neurolinguistic Programming
      It’s not a vaccine, it’s an operating system.
      Like constantly calling us a democracy.
      Tell a lie that’s dumb enough, long enough, people accept it as true.
      But they’ll never believe they’ve been lied to.

  1. The kill-shot is living up to its name. In a just world, this would be all over the news, sounding a warning for humanity. Well, seems that’s our job.


  2. I am coming to you from Greece. Though the rest of Europe is in the Streets, islands, beaches, parks and businesses have opened, Greece is going into another lockdown to force the citizens to take the death shot. The vials have markings that they EXPIRE AUGUST 2021 — and they want desperately to inject the poison into the population. The 6 million migrants are neither locked down nor injected with poisons. Makes you wonder?

  3. Thanks for this ‘from the source’ perspective, Ariste. I know you face tough gun laws. I have been reading about the heightened tyranny in Greece, almost right up there with Australia. And I do see that France and the UK are catching up fast. But I also witness the rebel soul of many of your people, those who will fight for their liberty. May their numbers ever increase.

    Your comment brought to mind a few quotes, the first being from one of your countrymen who gave us so much to consider on the human journey:

    “Tyranny naturally arises out of democracy.”
    — Plato

    “Tyranny is always better organized than freedom.”
    — Charles Peguy

    “Democracy is the tyranny of the majority.”
    — Alexis de Tocqueville

    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”
    — Edmund Burke

    Well, Ariste, at least we are not remaining silent or subservient. I wish the best to you and your people. May bravery and commitment prevail.


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