Surveillance video captures a terrifying armed robbery

11 thoughts on “Surveillance video captures a terrifying armed robbery

  1. Criminals see everyone as an easy target , especially when you act like one
    Nice try on your Asian vulnerability , sorry that’s not going to play with me , the fact they said this proves they feel a certain way but won’t take any pro active move to protect yourself
    Your here in the US ? Go buy a dam gun and support the country and ways of life here
    Next time a jackass pulls this shit
    Light his ass up

    Welcome to America (USA in particular)
    Quit acting like you live in communist China

      1. Absolutely

        Guns are like spiders ( in my world)
        I’m never further than 8’ from one
        That is , if it ain’t on my hip already

    1. I believe the guy with the vacuum cleaner did have a pistol and was shooting back.
      The robber is not just standing in front of the aisle and shooting like one would if the person he was shooting at was unarmed.
      Who knows?

      1. I hope so
        And I hope he landed a few too
        Until punks like this are laying around like Swiss cheese , the message still needs sending

  2. This is what was spawned by the entertainment industry, when it gave crime glamor. And also spawned by those who pit one race against another to keep the spotlight off themselves. This was no case of Les Miserable, where hunger forces theft; this was ugly cruelty seeing what it could get from an innocent man, with killing as its method.


    1. Agreed

      That said

      I hope he survives
      And goes out and gets some self defense for him and his family and comes to terms with using it when the time comes

  3. Oh look, more niggers committing crimes. Whooda tunk it. This is just one more of billions of cases out there as to why you need a gun and when niggers come knocking, you get shooting. With all this BLM shit things will only get worse as they have been given a get out of jail free card.

    1. Killers come in all colors. Just look at the color of those who supposedly run the world. They kill more than any street thugs ever could.


    2. Make no mistake. A lot of those niggers are white. In fact as far as BLM is concerned, 5 out of 6 are white women.
      Tell me something, Vekar, is Deon a nigger?
      We will not have race baiting by you, buddy. We are uniting American nationals and the pigment of their skin doesn’t matter one bit. Look at the enemy from the top down. I see all pigments of skin, united for our destruction.
      This isn’t going to be a f-kig race war. We are here to enforce the Bill of Rights for each and every one of us American nationals, no matter what our skin color.
      That is what you are here for, right?

  4. Clearly The Store keeper had a gun, that’s why the retards were squirreling around while shooting, if he was not armed they would have charged at him to make him their victim. They Got out of dodge real fast….

    My Dad lives in Vallejo CA…. He said the crime rate has Soared big time and it was already a high crime area for decades….. At least he packs a 1911 with him at 84 yrs….

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