Survival Radio & Emergency Communications Ukraine

Mar 28, 2022With ham radio suspended in Ukraine, we take a broader look at emergency survival radio preps & top strategies for decentralized communications. Disaster preparedness and prepping for a civilian emergency response should include group communications, tactical radio communications, your backup radios, strategies for radio monitoring & observation using an SDR (software defined radio), strategies for radio intelligence gathering, Data Comms like JS8Call, Winlink & VarAC. Finally, and most often forgotten, getting critical news and information with emergency shortwave radio broadcasts to the people. Our emergency communications plan should also cover HF, CB, VHF, UHF, business band and other bands taking advantage of the benefits, each one offers over the other. Russias war in Ukraine as unfortunate as it is, has shown us the importance of our emergency communication preps. Normally we prepare for some sort of weather event. The conflict in Ukraine lets us with study the best doomsday strategies for the prepper interested in using comms for our ultimate survival under such conditions.

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