Suspect allegedly stabbed police officer after he pet dog aggressively, Las Vegas police say

Mar 29, 2022Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said they arrested a man after a deadly stabbing of an off-duty police officer along the Las Vegas Strip Saturday night.

3 thoughts on “Suspect allegedly stabbed police officer after he pet dog aggressively, Las Vegas police say

  1. Good job Mr Allen, I can begin the cop was aggressive with the dog and went out his way to antagonise the dog and you. If the dog would have defended itself the cop would have no doubt used that as an excuse to shoot it and the owner. Well he reaped what he sowed

  2. first of all..he didn’t know it was a cop(not that it matters) , and second… leave your hands off my family

    i dont believe the pig was just petting this mans dog ..not for 1 second
    he most likely deserved everything he got.. did he ask first ? highly doubt it , cops do whatever they want and dont ask permission because they have been told and proven that they have more rights than anyone else , so this is the behavior we get
    oh and what would happen to anyone roughing up a cop dog? ..shot is what happens

    so call this one even for now , let the man go ..he’s served his community with a valuable lesson
    leave other peoples belongings and families alone or get what you deserve .. yeah that especially means your blue suit gang members too

  3. Once I heard while playing the news report video that “at one point, he (the cop) told him to get a job”, I didn’t even need to hear anything else. I absolutely believe that the guy 100% was aggressive with the mans dog, not just once, but twice! Then telling the homeless man to “get a job” (as if that will automatically repair all the problems in a persons life the moment they start working)… typical cop behavior. I can’t blame the man for defending his dog. He didn’t know the other guy was an off duty cop, and this doesn’t even matter anyway. I would put money on the probability that the dead guy was WAY more aggressive with the dog than the police report and news report describe…

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