Suspect in Pearl Harbor shooting identified as Petty Officer Gabriel Romero

New York Post – by Lia Eustachewich

The US sailor who shot up the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard has been identified — and he used his service weapons in the suicidal attack, according to new reports.

Petty Officer Gabriel Romero, 22, used his M4 service rifle in the shooting Wednesday afternoon, killing two civilian employees and wounding a third, according to a preliminary incident report obtained by Fox News

He then turned his M9 service pistol on himself, the report said.

Sources identified Romero as the shooter to Hawaii News Now.

Romero was a crew member aboard the submarine USS Columbia, which was drydocked at the shipyard for maintenance.

The identities of the slain victims have not yet been released. The third victim, a 36-year-old man, remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Authorities are searching for a motive in the shootings and investigating whether the victims were targeted.

4 thoughts on “Suspect in Pearl Harbor shooting identified as Petty Officer Gabriel Romero

  1. Was he an MP? A retired friend of mine(army 1995-2015) wasn’t permitted to have ANY weapons on base.

    He had a deer come through the windshield of his ’49 Mercury after leaving base and his only means of dispatching it was to choke hold it and cut its throat with his knife.

    He was also instructed in a staff meeting to report to his co’s any soldier who owned, read or agreed with any reading material such as “Mein Kampf”, “The Turner Diaries”, “Anarchist’s Cookbook” etc.

    Smells like horse puckey.

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