Suspect Shoots at Deputy from Point-Blank Range, Gets Killed

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

Body cam footage released February 20, 2019, shows a suspect shoot at a Napa County Sheriff’s deputy only to be killed as a result.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the shooting occurred on February 17, 2019, as Napa County Sheriff’s deputy Riley Jarecki checked on a parked car. Forty-three-year-old Javier Hernandez Morales was sitting in the driver’s seat when Jarecki approached and asked if she could check the vehicle.  

Jarecki said, “Wait right there, don’t move, okay?”

Morales motioned in compliance and remained in the driver’s seat.

Jarecki came around to the driver’s side of the vehicle and asked Morales to roll down the window. He rolled it down then allegedly pulled a gun with no warning and fired a shot at point-blank range.

Morales missed, and Jarecki opened fire.

Deputy Jarecki was not wounded in the exchange, but Morales was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police determined that Morales shot at Jarecki with a .22 revolver. A .22 rifle was also discovered in the car.

Morales “had at least five prior arrests for violations including possession of a concealed and loaded firearm, assault on a peace officer and driving under the influence.” There was no confirmation as to whether he was convicted on any of those counts.

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4 thoughts on “Suspect Shoots at Deputy from Point-Blank Range, Gets Killed

    1. I strongly suspect that drugs played a major role in Julio’s demise.



    1. That aside, he still had a good chance of smoking that pig.

      Here’s the main problem, as I see it…

      “… allegedly pulled a gun with no warning and fired a shot at point-blank range.”

      Fired A shot.


      You point a gun at a pig, you better EMPTY THAT B#TCH!!!

      Had he KEPT firing until empty, he might’ve gotten lucky, and nailed piggy in the head… plus the pig would’ve had a helluva time aiming at him with more than ONE ROUND flying in his direction.

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