Suspected Brooklyn firebug had tattoo reminding him to ‘KILL’ rabbi

New York Post

The Pennsylvania man arrested for allegedly torching a Brooklyn rabbi’s home on Thursday had such a burning grudge against the religious leader that he tattooed a reminder on his forearm to “Never let go of the HATRED” and to “KILL” the rabbi.

Cops arrested Matthew Karelefsky, 41, of McKeesport, Pa., on Sunday and charged him with arson and two counts of attempted murder, for setting ablaze the Midwood home of Rabbi Jonathan Max early Thursday. The inferno leaped to two neighboring buildings and left 13 injured. 

According to photos reviewed by The Post, the ink reads: “Never let go of the HATRED – KILL Rabbi Max YEMACH SHMO” — the final words a Hebrew phrase calling for the obliteration of the rabbi’s name.

In social media posts from 2018, a person named Matthew Karelefsky claims that the rabbi molested him.

“That’s nonsense,” Max told The Post on Sunday. “I have the man’s own explanation — it’s as crazy you would imagine.”

Karelefsky blamed the rabbi for the dissolution of his marriage in a 30,646-word “memoir” posted to Facebook in 2016.

Nowhere in the rambling account of his life — which includes personal details about how he first started to masturbate and once wished his own son would step in front of a bus — did Karelefsky level any molestation accusations against the rabbi, according to a copy of the screed obtained by The Post.

“Fundamentally he feels that I cheated him — that he thought so highly of me and I turned on [him],” Max said. “Somehow, he understood that I was a key figure — of which he was terribly mistaken. I was the one who told him not to divorce.”

Karelefsky and wife Inna divorced shortly after August 2010, according to the post, which was not accessible Sunday. In another portion of the screed, Karelefsky admits that he is “addicted” to “crisis/drama” and says he threatened suicide on Facebook for attention.

“To bring you many years ahead, in 2012 I purposely wrote on FaceBook that I was going to slit my wrists. I WANTED to be caught by the police and be brought to the mental hospital,” he wrote.

Karelefsky was awaiting arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court on Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Suspected Brooklyn firebug had tattoo reminding him to ‘KILL’ rabbi

  1. “I WANTED to be caught by the police and be brought to the mental hospital,” he wrote.”

    I guarantee you won’t like the result.

    That was a jew you f%&ked with, they’ll do some seriously nasty sh#t to you in that loony bin for THAT ALONE.

    btw… if you really want to kill someone badly enough to TATTOO it on yourself… THEN USE A GUN, MORON!!!


  2. Hmmmmm….. Karelefsky….sounds Jewish to me….Hmmmmm…..

    And that a rabbi could dissolve a marriage PROVES Karelefsky was Jewish! More Jew-on-Jew crime (and I thought black-on-black crime was bad!) to be blamed on us “anti-semites”…

    One o’ these days, you Talmudics will realize this BS doesn’t work anymore…..

    1. “He’s been making threats against Rabbi Max for years,” a friend said. “As a last resort, he told a friend that he was gonna spread false rumors that he was molested by him. They are completely false.”

      Entirely possible.

      But while that may well be true about him personally, vast experience teaches us that the majority of jew scumbag rabbis are putrid pedophiles, so the odds this POS molested others are EXTREMELY HIGH. It’s sanctioned by their filthy Talmud, after all.

      “Max’s 49-year-old son, Ezra Max, told the Daily News that Karelefsky is a “psychopath,” adding, “He has a history of saying very strange things. He said he was going to make an attempt on my dad’s life. He’s a sick individual who needs help.”

      F%&k you, Ezra.

      You’re likely just as much a pedophile puke as your POS pop… jew TRASH.

      “He was asking people where Rabbi Max is, ‘I want to kill him.’ But people didn’t believe him. He’s been saying stuff like that for 10 years. He said to me, ‘I want him to drop dead.’”

      Would that we could be so fortunate for that to happen to every last stinking jew on the entire planet!

      Good post, Angel. 🙂

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