Suspected lethal nerve agent discovered at JFK Airport mail facility was just nail polish remover

New York Post – by Philip Messing, Larry Celona and Bruce Golding

Authorities believe the substance that sickened two customs agents at JFK Airport this morning was ordinary nail polish remover, a law-enforcement source told The Post.

The incident, which forced the evacuation of two buildings near the airport’s perimeter, does not appear to be terror-related, the source said.   

It was unclear why several tests at the scene produced consistent results indicating the presence of the highly lethal nerve agent VX, which kills through skin contact or inhalation and is used in weapons of mass destruction.

“The FBI responded to John F. Kennedy airport earlier today following reports of two sick employees. The FBI screened and tested the employees and the package they opened. The package in question was determined to be beauty supplies and nothing further. The scene has been cleared by FBI personnel,” said FBI spokesman J. Peter Donald in a statement.

Both victims suffered respiratory distress after they were overcome by fumes inside a US Postal Service facility at 250 North Boundary Road around 9:40 a.m.

A source said the substance may have been released when its packaging broke in transit.

The scene of the incident is a giant facility that processes overseas mail bound for the eastern United States, and a source said the package involved was believed to have come from China.

The building and a US Customs facility about a quarter-mile away were both evacuated and quarantined, but airport operations were unaffected.

6 thoughts on “Suspected lethal nerve agent discovered at JFK Airport mail facility was just nail polish remover

  1. The fear mongering grows daily. Main component in most nail polish removers is Acetone. If those chem sniffer machines are giving false positives with this, there’s a good chance they’ll never detect the real VX agent until the bodies hit the floor. Another worthless over-priced piece of high tech crap the taxpayer got scammed with. Can’t wait until those disability claims get filed by those USPS workers; another taxpayer funded vacation for life.

  2. These people are living in terror. And it is in there own minds. There was no emergency at all. Mental cases in positions of power. It is what our emergency service has become. Till the public needs live in terror of them do to there constant overreactions. This is why people are being gunned down daily on our streets by the Cops. They are to scared to do there job.

  3. “Paranoia is a way of life for you, isn’t it?” ~ The Doctor speaking to the Romulan Commander Rekar (Star Trek Voyager).

  4. I’ve used nail polish remover for years and it never made me sick
    and never made anybody I know of sick. Come to find out years
    later, acetone is not a desirable chemical to use repeatedly on
    thou skin but immediate illness is unfounded. But since its
    origination came from China, who knows.

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