Swatting: US gamers’ pranks see armed cops target their online enemies

Published on Sep 14, 2014 by RT

Gamers in the US have taken pranking to a whole new level with a craze called ‘swatting’. This involves getting revenge on your online rivals by sending around not a virtual but real armed police response squad. RT’s Marina Portnaya has more.

4 thoughts on “Swatting: US gamers’ pranks see armed cops target their online enemies

  1. Some people are just incredibly STUPID!!!

    Aside from the fact that you should never, EVER call the cops, for ANY reason, this kind of cr@p could EASILY get someone killed.

    Not the least bit funny.


  2. Correction

    It’s not US Gamers “Doing it” for the most part, it is US gamers Being Victims of it, most of the ones doing it are Canheads Brits or Euros, their are a few in the us doing it but 99% are psychotic kids (as young as 12) with parents that have more $$$ than Braincells.

  3. Sounds like a terorist oporation one group sending out one of there associate groups to terorize the citizen into submision. Probably get some more killed by cop if they do not submit fast enough and the property dammage that will be done. Not right to send the police out today on any one for any reason.

    1. One other thing to note, Few know, but the Swatters also have a Score system.

      Their Ultimate Score is if the cops kill the victim, which is all the more proof they have severe mental issues.

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