Sweat: No power tools used in escape

David SweatNews 10 – by Andrew Murphy

ALBANY, NY (AP) – A prosecutor says the inmate captured 22 days after breaking out of a northern New York prison claims to have used no power tools in the breakout.

That’s contrary to official accounts from soon after the June 6 breakout at the maximum-security Clinton Correctional Facility.

Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie, who will prosecute Sweat for the escape says Tuesday that the injured cop-killer told investigators from his hospital bed that he started cutting through steel cellblock walls in January using only a hacksaw blade.  

Wylie said Sweat told police he had access to a catwalk area in the prison bowels for several weeks before escaping.

Authorities have said Sweat and inmate Richard Matt used power tools taken from contractors’ toolboxes.

Matt was fatally shot Friday afternoon. Sweat is recovering after a state trooper shot him on Sunday.


4 thoughts on “Sweat: No power tools used in escape

  1. There is no f@#king way anyone can cut through that much steel with only a hacksaw blade. Apparently, the dumbass jews who are writing this script don’t have a clue about how steel is cut. No f@#king clue. As a matter of fact, I’ll bet that there isn’t one Ashkanazi jew on this planet that has ever even so much as picked up a hacksaw blade, let alone try to cut anything with it.
    You would think they would at least do a little research before completely making sh!t up so that it at least sounds somewhat plausible. The power tools was at least marginally believable.

  2. This is another hoax. They have completely stolen “reality” by staging hoaxes on an almost daily basis now.

  3. I really am surprised this guy’s still breathing. Don’t see how he could possibly add any credibility to this ‘production’.

    Risky business, imo.

    Then again, how much lamer can it get.

  4. Hell that blade must be one of the (keeps replacing teeth blades) like on a shark.
    I think you can buy them at Makebelievetools.com.
    I just ordered the how to cut through a 24″ steam pipe with a toothpick book. They sell books to.
    Still would love to here how they got out of a sealed steam pipe that runs under ground story.
    That right there most have been hatch opening with handle on the inside of the pipe.

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