5 thoughts on “Sweet girl tells adoptive mom her ‘heart fell in love’ the first time they met

  1. I would think that there are many American national young’un that need that love as well. I pray I’m not getting cold yet I don’t know where this baby is from and that is important.

  2. This is what happens when you let the enemy fk with your emotions, they’re playin us like a cheap violin, sure kids are cute, ESPECIALLY OURS!

    When you pop them out by the billions, there are a lot of the little country invaders!

    Adopt our own goddamnit, not the enemies, this is how countries disappear and takin over by foreign bullshit!

    1. My cynical mind also goes to the ‘trafficking industry’ when I hear adoption. Is this child of American parents or was she brought over from Asia with or without parental consent?

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