9 thoughts on “Switzerland people are protesting at Rothschild’s castle

  1. And not a peep about it in the news. Not even so much as an anti-Semitic story on it.

    The Rothschilds would never allow anyone to reveal themselves in the media spotlight whether it be negative or positive for their image. It goes against their Satanic principles. They have to be hiding behind the scenes in the shadows, manipulating everyone and everything like the evil demons that they are.

  2. Eventually their heads MUST roll or be stretched at the very least! All of this protesting is a weak excuse for “doing something” as it actually achieves sweet f*ck all other than entertaining these sick f*cks because of how ineffectual it all is. I still wake up every day waiting to hear the REAL news we all want to hear if you get my drift 😉

  3. Come on, people! Enough with the pointless protesting, already.

    Storm the castle, get rid of anyone who stands in your way. The world is OURS, not theirs!

  4. Back in the day
    We the people used to storm the castle and pack one of the inside buildings full of gun power and blow the entire thing to bits
    Than build our houses out of the rubble

    Have we lost sight of the shear fun of that ?
    Come on people , yelling and screaming at the top of your lungs and waving signs is no way to treat these tyrants
    We all know what needs to be done

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