Syria Receives First Missile Shipment From Russia

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Despite Israel’s recent warning to Syria and Russia that any future missile shipments to Syria from Russia will be perceived as a threat and struck, Syria has taken possession of its’ first shipment of Russian S-300 missiles. Stratfor Global Intelligence also now has this breaking story up on their website.

Syrian President Bashar Assad told Hezbolla’s television network Al-Manar on Thursday that his country has already received the first shipment of S-300 anti-aircraft missiles from Russia.  

During the interview, which will be aired in full on Al-Manar Thursday evening, the embattled Syrian leader said the next shipment is due to arrive “soon.” He also clarified that his government would not stand in the way of Syria groups “that will want to fight for the liberation of the Golan.” (Roi Kais)

12 thoughts on “Syria Receives First Missile Shipment From Russia

  1. I think that it is very good that Russia balance balance the situation here. I believe that Isreal and friends are undermining this goverment for very long and want a regime change here. Why do they interfere with this countries household issues. Palestinians are oppressed for many years now. Why are world leaders not addressing the Palestinian outcry with urgency. What about Israels nuclea weapons? Why are the western powers quiet when it comes to Israel? This racist approach by the west must stop.

  2. I hope they bomb the crap out of those psychotic Jews tomorrow. They’d be doing the world a big favor.

  3. Isreals security is the only thing that the west care about. What about the other countries in the area. If anybody want peace,than he must work for justice. This countries can’t be real and true democracies,if themselves undermine the very principle and making a mockery of the word. “If Isreal want Peace,they have to work for Justice”. The west can’t make the world a better place,if war is the answer to all problems. Just look at Americas stinking track record,for own interest. They go to war for no reason and they were killing millions of people all over the world. The west must stand trial and brought to book,for all the human rights violatioins. If they call themselves democracies,then I don’t want democracy.

  4. Israel strikes Syria with near nuclear power bombs destroying military facilities and a chicken farm. Syria shows restraint and does not strike back but instead want defensive anti-aircraft missiles that work. Only a warmongering nutjob country like Israel could say Syria owning defensive missiles is a “threat”.

  5. I can’t wait for Syria to get the S300. Israel will not be able to be such a bully. Go Syria and good luck.

  6. I’m a little confused over all of this as I am sure it was last year that there was a furore when Russia delivered S-300’s to Syria and some of them were sent onwards to Iran via Tartus and I am sure the next big deal was going to be the S-400’s which is the real gamechanger, far more than the 300 even in its latest guise cannot match the 400 which can track with ease stealth craft and is able to hit the hitherto unreachable B-52’s as well.

    And this disinfo story about Syria lacking the expertise and training is weird, Russia took the Syrians to school at their facilities deep within Russia itself and trained the crews up to a professional standard, with the recent revelation that Syria is about to receive state of the art MiG’s and also they apparently have ToR systems too, the country is bristling with weaponry that is likely to give invaders more than a bloodied nose.

    You have to remember that America and Israel won’t ever get into a real fight unless the playing field is almost tilted vertically in their favour and little danger of the other side daring to shoot back, even today in Afghanistan there reigns this confusion and outrage that the “savages” dare shoot back at the “sacred” nation.

  7. I’m not sure what the hooha is all about. According to Janes Defense the Syrians have had S300s since 1996. Perhaps these are an upgrade. The next step would be for Russia to supply Syria with Iskanders. That’s not game-changing….that’s check and mate.

    1. Some BrahMos missiles would really force the U.S./Israhell to seriously reconsider attacking Syria also.

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