Syrian Gas Attacks ‘Very Likely’ Secret Op to Instigate US Attacks

The Obama Administration has declared that it is “very likely” that Assad’s Syrian forces have used chemical weapons against the Syrian people.  “Very likely”, well I guess that should be sufficient for an invasion.  And it is indeed interesting how the Syrian military and the majority of the Syrian civilians that support Assad have somehow been transformed from the native population to what we are supposed to believe is a force foreign to the actual Syrian people who are in revolt.

If this were a true civil war, at minimum you would have to say that Syrians are killing Syrians.  But the truth is, just like all the other communist propaganda flooding the airwaves, the more outrageous the lie, the quicker it is believed, in spite of the obvious reality.  

It is a fact that the Zionist controlled operatives within the US CIA and Israeli Mossad have armed, equipped, and put into Syria foreign mercenaries for the express purpose of the overthrow of the Syrian government for regime change.  It is a foreign backed insurgency and the Syrian people and their army have every right to defend their country’s sovereignty.

It was reported all last week that members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt were burning down churches and killing Christians.  Are these not the same Muslim extremists that make up the foreign backed insurgency into Syria?  And are they not also killing Christians and burning down churches in that country?

The US is preparing to attack Syria in support of Al Qaeda and they intend to use this chemical attack as a justification for doing so.  They have shown pictures of what looks to be a gas kill consisting predominantly of children.

The Assad government forces have won the war in Syria and have not but mop-up operations left to complete their conquest.  Yet the propagandists are putting forth the notion that Assad has become desperate as if his forces are losing, which they are not.  And so, they say, he has resorted to the use of chemical weapons as the only way to defeat these ‘mighty’ insurgent soldiers.

So why are the bodies mostly children and were there even any soldiers killed?  As there are not, would not a chemical attack on civilians be the last thing the victorious Syrian army would even consider, as it would jeopardize what they have accomplished by opening them up to further foreign invasion?

Would it not make more sense and be “very likely” that the foreign backed insurgents themselves gassed the civilians and filmed the results in a last ditch effort to bring the might of the United States in to save their failed insurgency?

Do not forget what happened the last time we went with the contentions of the industrial war complex’s representatives within what is in reality the insurgency into our own government. Remember that they stated that the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were “very likely” to exist.

I don’t believe anyone is going to fall for this pathetic attempt at deception.  And then again, I believe it does not matter.  The lie has been stated and the attacks will go forth.  And if further genocide is committed by the United States in its service to Zion, c’est la vie.  It is not like any American or Israeli is in danger of being indicted and prosecuted for a war crime.  So let the killing begin.  And again, it will.

The fact is the international genocide being perpetrated an all those not of Zionist descent will never stop until the people of the United States and the world stand up against the diabolical administrators of Zion.  Maybe our people will find the courage when they have seen enough of their children maimed and killed.  Or maybe we will just blindly walk straight into an international thermal nuclear third world war which will create a total chaos that will leave us begging the Zionists for a one world government to put an end to the dying and restore order.

The choice is ours.

May the Creator help us to become braver than we need to be, sooner than we need to be.

7 thoughts on “Syrian Gas Attacks ‘Very Likely’ Secret Op to Instigate US Attacks

  1. Those of us who don’t want to participate in this death and destruction of other countries … need to start a country of our own. Seriously! I’m sick o’ this crapolla!

    . . .

    1. That would be nice. If you know of any land not owned by the Zionists and International bankers and is in neutral territory, please point the way. lol

      1. I hear ya NC. Just venting I guess. There are no places that I know of. I suppose South America is infiltrated as well?

        . . .

  2. It’s “very likely” that Obama is a traitor to America. So can we go invade the White House and D.C. and arrest and impeach him and the rest of the government? I’m guessing not.

    Dammit! I hate this one way shit! Where’s the equality? Where’s the justice? WHERE ARE THE PATRIOTS!!!!!????

      1. We are here. Silence can be deadly. Not practicing what I preach, but, just hide and watch. WE ARE ALL OVER,

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