Syrians tell the U.S. occupation to get out of their country!

Syriana Analysis

Premiered 100 minutes ago

Syrian residents from Khirbet Amo town in Qamishli force American occupation forces to leave the town and tell them: the U.S. must get out of Syria!

2 thoughts on “Syrians tell the U.S. occupation to get out of their country!

  1. YES! YES!!!!!!

    Send those zionist kike droogs to HELL for invading your sovereign nation and violating their oaths!

    Their “service” is a DISSERVICE and they wouldn’t know honor if it kicked them in their vagina.

    Hang the order followers next to their masters, as they are aiding and abetting the destruction of US and other nations in the name of zio-communism.

    They serve the enemy occupying govt and are also responsible for each and every destructive action implemented against the American national by their masters.

  2. OH,what a shame,NO ONE wants americas TERRORIST MILITARY IN THEIR COUNTRY,and the PEOPLE of america will suck them off about what good job they did killing the syrians women and children..OH DONALD,bring your whores home,no one wants them in their country anymore,they’ve RAPED,LOOTED and MURDERED ALL THEIR WOMEN AND CHILDREN,you can bring these pieces of shit home now…OR maybe the RUSSIANS should just kill them all….

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