Syria’s Bashar al Assad Dead or Alive, Your Water’s Comin’ With Me

Before It’s News – by Tracy Turner

Bashar al Assad is a devil and needs to die; he has water, which Netanyahu’s Israeli’s are getting thirsty for.  Or you can go to any card-carrying member of the Jewish Press and hear how Natanyahu and armed incursions and bombs are the answer to negotiating shared water rights with Assad’s thirsty people. Or hear a pin drop. Assad’s country has the water, making Assad the villain we must hate and hang like Saddam. America and Israel’s vilifying, 96%-Jewish-owned press makes any Arabs with water American-Israeli cannon fodder. Oil does not water crops, water GMO’s and animals or drink down too well.  

Tel Aviv tampering with water rights on the African continent (creating crisis, refugee conditions in Africa) then subsequently mistreating Sudanese and Eritreans in Israelis the new tip of a very old iceberg. Much of the problem is Israel surreptitiously owns the press, the planet’s largest lying, deceiving, propaganda spinning PR firm. Much of the planet is tired of the Orwellian in where Sudanese and Eritreans are messing with the Jew’s African water supplies…

1.    Iran, Turkey and Syria do not give Iraq sufficient shares of water, which made the country pass in a water crisis in both the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers,” said Muhanad Si’aidi, an Iraqi water official. The desert people are becoming more populous and the water table is falling downward.

2.    The Prime Minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, has again warned that drought and wasteful water management practices in his country, as well as other regional nations, present a grave threat for the future (of peace).

3.    One-third of the world’s people are already running short of fresh water, and scientists now predict increasing water shortages due to climate change, pollution and runaway population growth, which are creating increased demand for a rapidly diminishing supply of fresh drinking water.

4.    Larry West, an environmental author, wrote of Iraq’s water crisis: “There is not enough water in the Euphrates to feed the surrounding marshlands or to prevent salt water from the Persian Gulf from contaminating the drinking water.

5.    The Nassriya facility will transfer salt water from central and southern Iraq through a network of canals to the Persian Gulf. This work needs ongoing funds, effort, etc., but will soon be long forgotten.

If Israel sees its water supply or quality endangered, it will have to decide whether to take military action to stop the drilling of wells, divert the water, or to seize the water sourcevia brute military force and mega-killing.

Israel’s water security is further threatened by the fact that the mountain aquifer, which supplies another 25% of Israel’s water, including most of the drinking water for the major cities, is partially located in the West Bank.

Numerous Reuters, AP, Washington Post writers explain this in terms of the Arab’s deny Israel its rightful water. Now, they are telling those with ancestral genetic connection to the region and regional water to have water shortages, so that swimming pools in Tel Aviv can be filled every summer. Shalom.

To secure its water future, Israel would need to maintain military control over three West Bank regions comprising 20% of that land, most or all of Lebanon, anything valuable in the Sinai and all of Syria.  No matter what the Israeli-centric news media says, rockets, missiles, helicopter gun ships, tanks, arming Syrian rebels is about water, as well as water and also about water. The ideology and demonized peoples and demonized leaders are camouflage for a US sanctioned land grab by thirsty misanthropes who started land grabs, water grabs and genocide in 1948. The Israelis, including American Jews in the News, Press, TV and Hollywood are the largest public relations professional liar organization on Earth when the subject is Israeli theft of land, water or engaging in racism and genocide.

US/Israeli/Turkish financing and arming so-called rebels is stealing water by proxy, long term. But what is it that makes Assad a man with two bull’s-eyes on his forehead? When Israel invaded and occupied Lebanon (1982-2000), Prime Minister Menachem Begin had the IDF pumping water from the Litani River into Israel. President Assad supplied and still supplies Lebanon with arms to resist Israel. No Assad, Israel can steal Lebanese and Syrian water “unopposed”. One can almost palpably hear the news insurgency-ing and –terrorists-ing, again. Native people defending what was rightfully theirs always need some demonic title. In the future, substitute (this is a conflict they could recuse themselves from, as they are in conflict with truth) Reuterisms: Terrorists – Syrian and Lebanese Rebel Free-Fighters Seeking Democracy; Insurgents – Syrian and Lebanese Native Peoples Repelling Hostile Foreign Invaders. Coalition Forces – water thieves. The special (non-existent) ‘spiritual bond’ between Israel and America – is military-banking-pollution-complex. Water rights, sovereign rights thieves. Only the ignorant would believe that makes Tel Aviv safer, long term.

AP, Reuters, Washington Post, WSJ, et al never mention Israel is a tiny airbase/staging area for US marines that two superpowers could annihilate with a button push. Any country overtaken by US/Israeli/’the media’ lies and naked aggression immediately gains “best friends” status with Russia and China. The world is at DefCon 4 and current inhabitants are too busy with “government social media consensus bots” to know the difference.

If you think the rest of the world “hates us for our freedoms” now, wait until after 2-3 sovereign nations/territories are handed off to Tel Aviv, illegally.

In Gaza and the West Bank, food is used as a weapon; delivery trucks are carefully weighed and extremely short-supply dosages of food, medicine and essentials are ‘allowed’ to trickle into Gaza each day. Israel is facing shortage drinking of water and farm irrigation because of recurrent droughts, an increase in consumption, and pollution.

Israeli destruction of southern Lebanon’s Litani Dam, the major pumping station on the Wazzani River and the irrigation systems for the farmland along the coastal plains and parts of the Bekaa Valley.  Israel was diverting water from the Litani River.

Abdel Rahman Al Tamimi, a Palestinian Hydrology Group engineer wrote the wall “will make the upstream of the aquifer inaccessible to Palestinians ensuring that Israel will control both the quantity and the quality of the water”.

According to estimates, Israel uses 83 percent of the water available from West Bank aquifers and West Bank Jewish settlers another 10 percent, leaving West Bank Palestinians with 7 percent.

Some observers speculate that Israel is once more turning militarily shark-like eyes toward the Litani River in Lebanon, the only country in the region with a water surplus.

Other countries face similar woes; will they follow Israel’s lead and kill for “life” giving water? Will you one-day sacrifice (or sacrifice one more) son or daughter for swimming pool water in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Der Yassin, Barcelona or Riyadh?

1.    Spain, enough water to supply 58 million people is stolen from Spain’s underground reserves each year, drying out already-parched land to feed the lucrative property, tourism and agricultural sectors, a report warned on Thursday.

2.    The report estimated that around 3,600 cubic hectometers of water are stolen each year — only 25 percent less than the whole country uses legally. Farmers irrigating via their own wells are deemed water thieves by municipalities filling swimming pools many miles away.

Tabqa Dam (Lake Assad, Dam of the Revolution) from space

The analogous picture of a child clenching hands together to try and drink while most of the water falls to the groundbest describes farmers, native people vs. the swimming pools of Mayors, Governors and wealthy “water municipalities”. These artificial, man-made “water owners” include Tel Aviv controlling Australianand African water.

Thompson, Reuters and AP about Israeli military write of theft of neighboring water “as a reluctant, war/military action of last resort” (media spin). The insinuation is that warm-hearted Israel steals water ‘reluctantly’ or better yet, Benevolently; the theme or thread running through dozens of Reuters and AP articles. The United States and Israel use the lamestream media to paint pictures of themselves as ‘reluctant interlopers’, who wished to barter human rights with the demonic Assad.

If there were an un-monopolized press, Israel would be portrayed as the planets largest military base financed by the US. Assad would be portrayed as President of a sovereign nation – said nations rights are being violated and will soon have an Israeli/US puppet dictator. As with most crimes, the motive is the water and food of Syria, the dams (Ath Thawra Dam, Lake Assad and Qala’at Jaber in Syria, large enough to see from space), and rivers: (Euphrates, Balikh, Khabur and Jordan). Israel has no such resources it has not already polluted with military-banking pollution. Assad is a demonic entity, and Bibi Netanyahu is an angelic right-wing hardliner ‘saint’…

To some, this article and its writer ‘just has it all wrong’. Israel is so wonderful, that thousands of New Yorkers and West-Hollywood Beverly Hills families are selling their American homes, giving the money to the IDF and moving to a goat-cheese Kibbutz doing farming/border-patrol-duty. Even Steven Spielberg wants to sell his studio and go make goat cheese and learn to fire a Kalashnikov in 1-2 second bursts. Why is it he would make a movie about Kibbutz and the need for good machine-gunner/farmers; he just would not be one himself?

My person and articles find fault with the fake-humanity-politics, fake-morals, blessed murder for ‘god’, hypocritical news organizations and hypocritical hired-gun writers demonizing this or that so that the American Israeli gears of blood and pulp can grind away ‘in a feel good sort of manner’… 12 blocks from my house are bad Chinese drivers. Racist? They are Chinese; they do teach friends and relatives to drive and are oblivious where they are going. When America and the Jews (also oblivious to where they are going) start WWWIII over water, I do not want to read about it in Reuters and AP. There is no “if”; there is only a “when”. Russia and China will supply the other side and Israel will no doubt pop the first nuke. Meanwhile, clean water is what Bibi, et al use nuclear posturing to steal – the holy deal of the Chosen. Keeping their own water clean would have been cheaper, as well as birth control.

One of the phenomena with the monopolized media is the level of conformity and political correctness expected “of all”. Those setting “the standards” of “tolerance” promote thugism, automatic weapons in the hands of thugs and idiots. The Lamestream would charge my “Chinese bad drivers comment” is racially insensitive hatred; that the bad-driver recipients should somehow take said comments as “proof of my hate” rather than “proof that bad drivers prevail in Monterey Park, California”.

One of my biggest joys in life is eating Thai, Schezuan, Cantonese and Vietnamese in the neighborhood. I find the owners, patrons, cooks, etc., in the restaurants charming, lovely, gracious people who cook better than I ever will. But I am realistic enough not to become flattened under a car in the adjacent parking lots. Odd, that the same media that cannot see water theft also cannot see swarthy, ‘evil’ Arabs killed in movie plots, over and over, ad infinitum. Even movies not about Arabia kill swarthy Arab “terrorists”. Truth in advertising, why not make a movie of Israeli Jews rationing water in Sudan, Eritrea, Australia, Congo, Gaza, West Bank and blowing up Lebanese Dams while trying to depose or kill the lawful owner of Lake Assad? How about a movie that opens with Jews in Africa creating dreadful conditions yielding Eritrean and Sudanese refugees, then midway abuses the Eritrean and Sudanese refugees in Tel Aviv, then ends with Israelis deporting Sudanese and Eritreans ‘back to some East African place’ where they have no resources. People could eat gobs of popcorn with African Palm oil fake ‘butter’ from Israeli plantations; said are the antichrist of the African ecosystems. This mind-fuck (both refugees, deportees and including oil palm plantations, aka “I cannot Belive Its Not Butter!) are one of the most shut down topics on “free speech” censored blogs content mills mind scramblers. Fake butter from Israeli African Oil Palm plantations clogs you up with cholesterol just like animal; in this case fat is fat. But native flora and fauna becoming “I cannot Believe It’s Not Fat!, Because It is Fat!-plantations are species biodiversity extinction plantations. But Reuters hides the full story like it is plans for a nuke.

In the same way I am wary of drivers in parking lots when dining Schezuan, I believe literally nothing in Lamestream and much of the indoctrinated ‘alternative media’. Every country the US and Israel rescues has a brass ring, somewhere. Water, oil, gas, military bases, cheap labor to exploit – all under the guises of rescues, spreading crony capitalism/slavery ‘democracy’, etc. Don’t be surprised when Bibi goes waterskiing on Lake Assad Bibi. Those who buy the Thomson/Reuters/WSJ/WP/AP version of Bibi and Lake Bibi are those who purposely put out their own eyes. Time to eat some Schezuan and forget about the lying, racist media who cannot stop killing (real, non-fiction) Arabs but have a hissy fit at anything they deem ‘politically incorrect’. Somebody please wake them up, Arab and African slavery, genocide, abuse, land thefts, government toppling, bombing runs, etc., is not ‘politically correct’. When the online media, Big Brother Media, etc., make their charges of anti semitism, do Asians in Monterey Park drive better? Or is that vile racial hate, admitting the truth? One race drives poorly but cooks sublimely; another race monopolizes media, information, manipulates global belief systems and pretends Arab genocide is a divine ‘act of god’. Well, I am sorry, but the cooking is not Schezuan, either… Put that in Reuters and circumnavigate the globe with it! Israelites may be good at making Syrian genocide and water theft look like a charitable act of mercy in the media, but matzo ball soup is bland, salty and watery. But let us pretend not and have an elephant in the room!

Schezuan or Matzo Ball Soup? The papers are filled with propaganda about the evil Chinese, as is the Internet (brought to you by the hall monitors of race-relations, aka the anti-defamation clan). When the Chinese go to war and kill, they call it going to war and kill. They don’t hire a veritable army of Reuters writers and pay-off corrupt ‘alt news’ bloggers to label Matzo Ball Schezuan food (or label war a kind act of mercy on the Syrians). The Syrian rebels paid for by Mossad and CIA are terrorists, both spook agencies are paying to promote terrorism. Like Ronnie Reagan’s terrorist “freedom Fighters”. Something unique to the Jewish owned “news and information” cartel is an endless list of what one can and cannot do and say that is gay-correct, race-correct, gender-correct, etc. These same “news and information Jews” …write? lie in text about safe, non-toxic, non-WMD DIME Munitions. The victims of DIME munitions were not Jews, they were Palestinians. So much for the gatekeepers of tolerance and antidefamation.

All news is advocacy, or it was supposed to be, is meant to be. I am quite certain I do not hate Jews, but I am mostly certain this article is a recipe as to why many, many people do. I am certain I hate the Oligarchs from both nations and always will. But you cannot hate a few billion persons based on how a few thousand drive. I think what pushes people over the edge with the hate is the constant “War is Peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength Orwellian news press. It puts all of it over the top. When Hollywood makes a movie where Israel loses a war to the Arabs and the press refers to it as ‘uplifting’, perhaps I will lift my personal embargo of movies.


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  1. Water is a precious commodity in the M.E.

    First and foremost, Israhell wants Syria’s water.

    I hope Assad beats the cr@p out of ’em.

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