Systemic Wars: Understanding the 3rd World War

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Arthur F. Wayne, ITNT – In two impressive books – which can be downloaded for free – Ingo Piepers, a former Officer at the Dutch Marine Corps, describes the dynamics and science of world wars. The two books are titled On the Thermodynamics of War and Social Evolution and 2020 Warning: Patterns in War Dynamics Reveal Disturbing Developments.

In a recent interview with Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, Piepers warns that a 3rd world war, since the French Revolution, might have been triggered with the assassination of Iran’s Major General Qassem Soleimani. 

He came to this conclusion after he discovered the four cycles that are historically always concluded with a world war in which all the great powers participated: The Thirty Years War (1618-1648), the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars (1792-1815), the First World War (1914-1918) and the Second World War (1939-1945).

After each world war, called systemic wars because they reshape the global socio-political system, a new world order emerges. An order that is established by the “winners” of a world war. That is why, according to Piepers, we are currently still living in a Pax Americana that was initially enforced by US President Roosevelt.

That Pax Americana has now come to an end, concludes Piepers. For this, Piepers also refers to the expansion of terrorism networks and terrorists’ attacks in 2011, specifically.

Information Warfare in the 21st Century

However, where the former Dutch Marine Officer depends on historical data to support his thesis, he does not seem to incorporate the largely undisclosed fact that the third world war is mostly, and almost exclusively, a highly advanced information war that started on September 11, 2001 when a narrative was scripted for the World Trade Center attacks in New York. Attacks that were, provably, plotted by a secretive and evil “control grid syndicate“.

Although the dynamics may not change that much, the science of systemic wars is already being redefined.

Where previous world wars largely depended on brute force and propaganda the third world war is already and predominantly being waged in a digital reality – online.

Not only is there a world war being waged for people’s minds, also entire countries can be destabilized and neutralized through hacking and online sabotage.

Take for instance the Stuxnet virus, created by the US and Israel. This form of warfare is very worrying and very dangerous. Especially in the case of the attacks on Fukushima’s nuclear power plants have we seen the destruction that such online or digital warfare can cause.

That a third world war will be nothing like any previous wars is already a fact. Never before had governments a tool like the internet at their disposal, both to attack installations around the world and to wage psychological operations against ‘enemy’ populations – be they foreign or domestic.

As we have seen with the assassination of Soleimani, the third world war is mainly going to be a war wherein governments and their agencies (and the control grid syndicate) focus on controlling the narratives, be it false or true narratives.

Still, for the first time in human history also the resistance can deploy this digital sphere, to fight back against the oppression that the current world order continues to seek and advance.

Most of the people, however, will likely never fully understand how the third world war came about and how it was fought. ‘Officially sanctioned‘ publications for the next generations may never even reveal the existence of this very article that you are reading today on the ITNT News website.

Although there is certainly a lot of truth in Piepers’ books and thesis, as it is always the case with limited hangouts, there’s an angle to his work and opinion that warrants all of us to be extremely skeptical about what else Piepers is saying but that is far less being highlighted.

Especially the following is worrying, to say the least, and pretty much reveals that Piepers indeed is a limited hangout. While Piepers seems to be someone who formulates educated opinions, he seemingly wants to hold on to the current “world order” its paradigm of false narratives and lies.

Ingo Piepers (emphasis added):

To ensure the next international order represents your values and interests, you must make sure you ‘win’ such a war.

This typical dynamic – and the significance of systemic wars, including the upcoming one – raises the question: “what should we fight for”, what international order do we want? And given the dire condition of the environment and climate, in combination with exponential population growth (at least until the next century); what international order do we need to ensure survival of humanity and livable and humane living conditions for the world’s population?

In the spirit of the Atlantic Charter – a political vision that shaped and underpins the United Nations international order – I suggest we start thinking about a “global Charter”, that defines the basic principles and outline of a UN 2.0, if indeed a systemic war is unavoidable.

Let’s make the best of it.

I suggest this Global Charter, should at least include the following aims:

Parties to the Global Charter deem it right to make known certain common principles they will adhere to and promote to ensure a better future of the world.

    1. Parties are aware that humanity has severely damaged planet Earth and the ability of the planet to support life.
    2. Parties will refrain from activities that can cause further degradation of the Earth system, and its potential for recovery.
    3. Parties will collectively undertake actions to mitigate the negative effects of global warming and environmental degradation.
    4. Parties accept the right of other life (species) and recognize the vital importance of biodiversity. Parties recognize the unity of the Earth system.
    5. Parties agree to transfer (national) authority and (a) certain sovereignty to an supranational body, that will be responsible for the formulation of global policies, actions (the execution of these policies) and their coordination, to ensure that survival and well-being of humanity, as well as of other life (species) on Earth.
    6. Parties recognize that social interactions cause tensions that could cause the use of organized violence. Parties will transfer authority concerning the use of organized violence to a supranational body, that also has the responsibility to develop effective prevent policies.
    7. Parties recognize that all humans have the basic right to live a respectable life, that basic facilities will be (made) available and that poverty must be eradicated. A supranational body will have the authority to devise effective strategies and to ensure their coordinated use.
    8. All parties recognize and actively support mutual respect and the freedom of individuals to make their own life-choices: All people – also at the individual level – have the right to self-determination.
    9. Parties agree that exploration of our solar system and space will be guided by above mentioned principles.
    10. All parties work for a world free of want and fear;

As the former Dutch Marine points out, the 3rd world war may have already started but, as we constantly warn about, it is yet to be seen how many within “the truth movements” will be part of or on the side of the True Resistance.

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6 thoughts on “Systemic Wars: Understanding the 3rd World War

  1. Sounds like the same dukey with NEW and IMPROVED frosting.

    I’m suppose to say ‘YUMMY!?’

    Meet the new boss.

    Same as the old boss.

    How about we throw the garbage out, fix our nation here, and let that span out world wide.

  2. This ingo peipers guy sounds like hes reading right out of the communist manifesto, or more precisely, the protocols of zion. Every time a “solution” is proposed, it’s always the same script. How convenient

  3. Rarely does one come across such insanity as this. Such bold assertion of a plan for global tyranny surpassing all previous control agendas.

    What??!! U.N. 2.0? Supranational body? Global Charter? Global Policies? Surrender authority? Surrender Sovereignty?

    That’s hysterical. But more hysterical is when he gets to item H:

    “All parties recognize and actively support mutual respect and the freedom of individuals to make their own life-choices: All people – also at the individual level – have the right to self-determination.”

    This is schizophrenic!! He sends the message of surrender then assures us it’s our choice. This writer insults us: “Most of the people, however, will likely never fully understand how the third world war came about…” Yeah, we’re just stupid idiots. Not!!

    The real “3rd World War” will be the free people of the world going up against the tyrants who threaten that freedom. And we don’t need them to show us how to love and heal our Mother Earth. Get thee behind me, Communism.


  4. “Most damaging for American citizens is the UN which strives to undermine our country, reduce our spending power, eliminate our freedoms, lower us to third world status, make us pay for other countries’ problems, and rape of us of everything that once made us powerful. Doing this allows the NWO to weaken the most prevailing muscle in the world so that we have no strength to fight any of their programs. … The NWO Elitists can’t fully stage their takeover until our country is disarmed, as an armed citizenry can fight back. The day they take our guns is the total end of our sovereignty and our country.
    — Gianni DeVincent Hayes, 1/12/20


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