5 thoughts on “Take a walk into the future…

  1. Oh and I’m sure none of this will be used to create a slave race that has neither the desire nor the ability to rebel against their masters.

  2. To anyone who still believes that mRNA “vaccines” won’t change your DNA, I will send these folks links to this video, where a WEF “scientist” admits that mRNA “vaccines” change one’s DNA. So glad they finally admitted it on video, that they are out to wipe out true God-given humanity.

  3. WTF? Who says we want this kind of reality? The hubris of these people to think that all humans want to be a part of their sterile and manufactured world. And they decide what is menial and meaningless work? I can decide for myself what is of value and what I wish to participate in, just like I can decide for myself what to read and listen to without someone deciding for me. They are the human robots they reference. Their minds are wired into false narratives and group think. The woman in the video repulses me as she gleefully talks about this futuristic nightmare.

  4. Sure, just give us total control and we’ll give you utopia.

    I mean, random megalomaniacs just walk up to me daily and try to hand me the world on a silver platter, right?

    Something only a retarded narcissist would believe.

  5. What the… “Diminished Reality Glasses!!” And “Technology will cut out unwanted sights and sounds.” Oh boy, I sure want me a pair of those glasses. Think of all the trying things I wouldn’t have to see, like poverty and suffering, like uprising, like genocide and pedophilia, like grand-theft planet!!, like pockets of creeping communism and larger pockets of ruthless communism, like perversion and corruption, like hopelessness and despair, like mental illness and suicide, like poison and forced poison. Like global tyranny encroaching EVERYWHERE!!! No glasses in the world can block out any of that, ’cause the human heart knows, and the human eyes see, and the human mind screams “NO!!” and fights back. So what is is seen and nothing is covered up. The human, the real human will not be deceived!!! Get thee behind me you BAST*RDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aside: Good morning, Trenchers. Good Monday to ya.


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