Taliban decree orders women in Afghanistan to cover their faces


Women in Afghanistan must cover their faces in public, according to a decree issued by the Taliban on Saturday.

The new rules say women must cover their faces, ideally wearing the traditional burqa, according to a statement from the General Directorate of Administrative Affairs.

If a woman does not follow the rules, her “male guardian” will be visited and advised, and eventually jailed and sentenced. Women who work in government offices and do not follow the new decree will be fired.

The Taliban has been criticized for restricting women’s rights and freedoms in various areas of public life.

“The Taliban cannot erase us, they can’t. This is not like the 1990s or before — they have to accept [women]. They have no other choice,” former Afghan politician and women’s rights activist Zarifa Ghafari told CNN last month.

In December, the Taliban banned women from taking long-distance road trips in Afghanistan on their own, requiring that a male relative accompany them for any distance beyond 45 miles. The new rules also called on drivers not to allow women without veils to sit in their cars.

These are to prevent women from coming to any harm or “disturbance,” according to Mohammad Sadiq Hakif Mahajer, spokesman for the Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.

In November, the Taliban issued guidelines to broadcasters that prohibited all dramas, soap operas and entertainment shows featuring women. Female news presenters must also now wear headscarves on screen. These were the first restrictions of their kind imposed on the country’s media network.

And despite early promises from the Taliban that women would maintain their rights to education, girls’ high schools were shut in March on the morning they were due to open.

In January, UN Secretary-General António Guterres appealed to the Taliban leadership to recognize and protect the fundamental human rights of women and girls. “No country can thrive while denying the rights of half its population,” he said.


14 thoughts on “Taliban decree orders women in Afghanistan to cover their faces

      1. Charlie, you read my mind.

        So much for our bringing of “democracy.” Unjust war brings everything backwards. And look at The U.N. sitting there smiling at its achievements in fostering forward movement and cooperation among nations, especially when its objective is JUST THE OPPOSITE!!

        But that’s over there. Over here, we have very timely distractions like Roe/Wade/Wade/Roe, etc. Distractions that foment false division. Keeps us from focusing on how we’re being robbed blind, starved, and spied on to the nines.

        A vision just crossed my mind: Hillary and Pelosi in burqas being tried by us in The Common Law Courts. What a fun day that will be.

        As for burquas… isn’t a mask something of a mini burqa? They’d have us all in burqas if they could. But they can’t. So they just find multiple ways to kill us. And out of duty and survival, the unmasked find multiple ways to kill back.


  1. They honor and defend their women and families above all else. They dont put their women and children in porn.

      1. Yeah I’m pretty sure they look at their women as property
        Not as equals
        And I’m sure if those women knew they had a choice
        They wouldn’t choose that life over freedom

  2. I’d like to say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all The Trenchers. And a big thank-you to all the mothers who delivered us and brought us to life and ultimately to The Trenches. Be they perfect or imperfect, or anywhere in between, those mothers somehow got us out the door. Ha!!

    I opened CNN today to check on the evil spins and twists, and nary a word on Mother’s Day. It’ll be the same on the equally important Father’s Day. Of course CNN is soulless and communist, but it’ll never let me forget my Mom and Dad. If they didn’t love me as much as they did, I doubt I’d be fighting as hard as I am. They showed me what was worth fighting for.


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