4 thoughts on “Talking Virginia Gun Control With Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America

  1. I sent this in with the hopes it would get posted when it was live so people could leave comments in the chat.

    ‘Ol Pratt was on the vote the D’s out and were working hard for the people, blah di de blah, blah, bla. That guy that does the Guns & Gadgets youtube site is on board with the vote thingy. The super chat donations were flying to his site. Lots of mula coming his way.

    1. When all else fails for the coward, send money to the corporation and call yourself a patriot. Get out that coward vote. Vote those D’s out and praise that R who will give you due process after he confiscates your guns.
      The cowardice is sickening, but there aren’t that many of them in reality. Their time will run out and we can watch them run from the fight as the spineless cowards they are and we will get to prosecute them after we have bled our blood beneath that Liberty Tree. We will bring theirs to join with it.

  2. Just disgusting, turned it off after only a cpl minutes..and yeah that was too long.. stupid fks Democrat bad and Republican good, either they are truly ignorant or they are willfully playing along.!!

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