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Target Displays Their New PRIDE! Gear for LGBTQWTF Domination Month

PJ Media – by Megan Fox

As if you needed one more reason to avoid Target after they decided men can use their women’s bathrooms and changing areas, they’ve doubled down on the feel-good virtue-signaling cause du jour that is Pride Month. Yes, it’s that wonderful time of year when your Main Street is overrun with floating dildos and guys wearing half-pants and walking other men on leashes to prove that the gay community is just like us proud of themselves or something.

I always thought embracing the vice of “pride” as a motto was risky. It’s one of the seven deadly sins, after all. Does anyone say to themselves when they have a baby, gee I hope he/she grows up to be prideful and vain! 

St. Augustine wrote, “It was pride that turned angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.” Embracing “pride” as your motto seems like you’re tempting fate, doesn’t it? Will the fat-acceptance crowd choose “Gluttony!” for their appreciation month? Maybe those of us with anger issues should grab the month of October for “Wrath Month!” It’s sure easier than restraining your darker inclinations. I explode with anger and rage! Celebrate me!

And yet there is an entire month now dedicated to pride and we’re all supposed to get on board… or else. PJM’s Paula Bolyard wrote a devastating synopsis of what has occurred and what’s to come for Christians in this current climate: They’re Here, They’re Queer, and Now They’re Coming for Christians — and for Our Jobs. Brace yourself, for there is no good news. You can’t even enjoy a freaking chicken sandwich anymore without betraying your doubleplusungood alliances, you bigot!

And now Target is going to harass you and your kids with rainbow pride displays from here to eternity. (Cue sad kazoo.)


But this won’t be enough for the Gaystappo. It’s never enough! Don’t you know that? The Hallmark card industry still hasn’t been brought to heel so… inequality! Rampant homophobia! Cats and dogs living together! #Resist!


Maybe this person (pronouns unknown) has a point. This does seem like a giant made-up reason to sell stuff, doesn’t it? How much does Target really care about LGBTQWTF issues versus the good old cha-ching?

Is this a required activity when you work at Target now? And what happens if you respectfully decline to celebrate pridefulness because your religion says it’s deadly?


And speaking of getting offended, this is an actual ad put out by Target, the same people who claim to love gay people. Are they insane? Why are LGBTQWTFs not offended at this horrific stereotype of a gay man? I know a lot of gay men. Absolutely none of them look or act like this. Zero. In fact, I was speaking to one of my friends (who has to remain anonymous or lose his job, friends and life) in “the community” about this issue and he said, “Don’t even lump me in that group. Can I go from being bisexual to being a whatever just so I don’t get lumped in?” It’s interesting that the libertarian and conservative gays in the community have been forced into a political closet from which they aren’t allowed to “come out” lest they face outright persecution. But Love Wins! (and sometimes it wins hundreds of thousands of dollars when bankrupting Christian mom and pop shops that won’t bake cakes!). Love is really what this is all about.

Yep, it’s all about love, until we tell you about the next person you’re supposed to hate with so much intensity they get fired and banned from all polite society.


PJ Media

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13 Responses to Target Displays Their New PRIDE! Gear for LGBTQWTF Domination Month

  1. Koyote says:

    “love wins”
    As I said before…………
    What you’re doing is not love, you butt munching sodomites. It’s. Filth.
    I don’t care what you do in private.
    But if I see you trying to push your shit on my grand daughter, I will splatter your brains all over the hell you’re attempting to create.
    I’m not alone in this either you nasty bastards……..
    Lucifer is even ashamed of you.

  2. mary in ND says:

    Target is on my forever ban list

  3. Koyote says:


  4. Jolly Roger says:

    It looks like Target is devoted to putting themselves out of business. Gays are all over the media for propaganda reasons, but in the real world they’re only a tiny fraction of the population, and everybody else is getting tired of their shamelessness.

    People put up with the “gay rights” movement for the same reason they’ve tolerated this tyranny for so long; that being that there’s little they can do to stop it, but they’re definitely tired of it, and they do express their disgust by boycott.

    Soon you’ll see big box Target stores completely empty, except for a couple fags holding hands while perusing the women’s clothing department.

    Bye-bye, Target.

  5. Peter says:

    Nobody wants to see flaunting heterosexuality in public either. A peck on the cheek sure…any humans / gender…..but beyond the holding of hands in public crosses a line. Keep that titillating and erorgeneous stuff private….puleaze.

  6. Paul says:

    These sodomites are still not tolerated where I grew up. There are ways to take care of them without causing a lot of hoopla. Nuf said.

  7. galen says:

    In this article’s title, it’s the word “domination” that got to me. Will Target soon be carrying S & M goodies for kids of all ages? Maybe they already are.

    Dictionary on “domination:
    the exercise of control or influence over someone or something, or the state of being so controlled or having a commanding position over. From the Latin dominari – ruled, governed, and dominus – lord, master.

    Persuasion is a softer version of force, but no less lethal in attaining its objective. I sense this “domination,” attempting to mold the whole of earth into its subjects, to make us into whatever variety of slave-of-the-day, pretending that a prison is a party.


  8. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    First Wally World, now Targayt.

    Guess I’ll be hitting Fred Meyer’s in Albany from now on for anything I need from either of THOSE two commie agenda pushers!


  9. Paul says:

    Hardly went to either one anyway. Don’t need them/

  10. Enemy of the State says:

    their own acronym, rats them out as only being 2 genders

    Bi Sexual indicates there are only 2 recognizable genders

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