Targeted Individuals: Testimony of current government covert torture and control experiments

Intellihub – by Ramola D.

Note from editor: The subsequent article is written by a well-educated mother who has a history of contributing to her community in a positive manner and has also been involved in activism. She, like many of us, is now a target of illegal harassment, being funded by U.S. taxpayer dollars.

This operation is multi-level (federal, state and local) and also involves many different federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies. These activities constitute outrageous government conduct and crimes against humanity. Below you can find the detailed account of “Ramola D.,” who has experienced the terrors of extra-judicial targeting first-hand.  

This is Ramola D’s story, which can be re-told by tens of thousands of innocent Americans who are subject to the Deep State’s Post-9/11 COINTEL Program which targets innocents for Soft-kill elimination:

I am a writer, teacher, concerned citizen, and activist. I have marched in anti-war marches against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, worked briefly at Bread for the World and longer at the American Red Cross, I have held up signs with PETA, Compassion for Animals, and Mercy for Animals at numerous protests against animal cruelty at labs, circuses, and elsewhere, I have created and signed petitions and made public comment on issues concerning animals, the environment, people, children, I have run community cable TV shows on environmental and animal protections issues, volunteered for years at homeless shelters in Washington DC and Arlington, Virginia, and read news (for years) for the blind. I believe in speaking out against cruelty and injustice, and I have always acted on this belief.

In the Fall of 2013, I wrote to my Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren as well as the State Representative for my county, Tackey Chan, (copying my emails to the Boston Globe and the Quincy Patriot Ledger) regarding tree damage I was witnessing everywhere in my neighborhood and asking about the “chem trails” or aerosols/geo-engineering which I saw was going on directly overhead. At this time, I also spoke out at my daughter’s school in Quincy, Massachusetts, to a School Board member, expressing my opposition to charging extra childcare fees for babysitting at a school parent-teacher conference. I mention this because subsequent behavior–guilty looks and evasiveness–from the School Board President indicated to me that he was possibly the person involved–in a vindictive act of retaliation and petty malice–in giving my name, or selling my name, as a paid NSA/DHS/FBI informant to the corrupt cartel of Intel agencies, military, and law enforcement–JTRIG–that I believe today is currently engaged in covertly targeting, assaulting, harassing, surveilling, and terminally experimenting on thousands of innocent Americans–as well as people worldwide. (In my current assessment, I think this is part of the globalists’ bid for their Orwellian New World Order; it seems to have its roots right here though, in the DHS/CIA/Military.)

I was hit with radiation pulses from covert weaponry within two weeks. Since November 2013, I have been, and continue to be the subject of continuous, 24/7 covert assault with Directed-Energy so-called “Non-Lethal” microwave/scalar/sonic weapons (more on this below) both from ground vehicles speeding into our neighborhood and parking to hit, from neighbors’ houses, and from low-flying planes and helicopters which come in frequently into our neighborhood to circle, hover, and direct radar hits, covert implantation with RFID tracking chips, vile character assassination in my neighborhood and local communities, major job and small business sabotage, overt surveillance, harassment, and hostility from my clearly-co-opted neighborhood, continuous COINTELPRO stalking and harassment actions everywhere I go, break-ins to my home, the planting of bugs in my home,  “notifications” to every public place I visit, whether a gym, library, school, or restaurant, as well as tracking and “concealed electronic/consensual monitoring” from neighbors, community members, and “notified” premises, just about everywhere I go. I have also experienced being radio-frequency-hit at airports, and on airplanes, and on Amtrak and local subways–both on domestic flights–to Chicago/New York and on transatlantic flights.

This is how it started:

Less than two weeks after I wrote the letters to representatives–before all replies arrived–extremely strange things began to happen on our street, in our house, around our house, and to my person:

  1. A disproportionate number of strange cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, utility vehicles began to roar into our normally quiet street and park around and near our house, during the daytime and the night.
  2. This was followed by cars being parked directly outside my house and strangers in cars watching as I left and entered the house, and following me as I drove out.
  3. I began to be stalked and followed by groups of cars everywhere I went, including to my child’s school, and my two teaching workplaces.
  4. A supplement I had ordered by mail arrived at this time–somewhat tampered with, the box opened and the packaging rewrapped. Regardless, not suspecting anything, I took the supplement, and ended up with a horrific, immediate rash, and a sensation of being attacked internally by a crawling parasite, as well as, oddly, extreme sensitivity to heat and to electromagnetic fields–from the computer, wifi, etc. Healing lavender oils and aloe vera gel and detoxes finally ended the scourge in about 4-5 days. I have not fully researched this, but what I have suggests that these are piezoelectric microchips designed to increase electromagnetic sensitivity and accentuate the wearer’s receptivity and transmissivity as a radio transceiver.
  5. Shortly thereafter, my whole family and I, sound sleepers all, were jointly woken up in the middle of the night by what we can only describe as waves of thermal, pulsed energy coming in through the window and invading our body in waves from the outside–not as an internal bodily phenomenon, but as an externally-applied phenomenon. This was before Thanksgiving.
  6. After Thanksgiving, the harassment by cars on our street appeared to increase. Fast-moving vehicles suddenly proliferated on our street. Cars emitting particularly noxious exhaust began to pass by our house and crowd in front of our car on roadways.
  7. A small plane began to fly frequently at low altitudes directly over my house and yard, often several times a day, this in seeming conjunction with signals from the cars parked on our street. I came to notice this plane seemed to mark my departures and arrivals back to the house; I also noticed this plane hovering outside a building every time I went somewhere, once I had arrived.
  8. One morning, early, I was woken again by waves of energy and what absolutely felt like a remote neural probe of my skull, lobe by lobe–I could distinctly feel each lobe in my brain with this probe–since I was just barely awake, I was literally unable to move at this time.
  9. Ever since that moment, I have physically felt continuously tracked, followed, and irradiated by electromagnetic pulses.
  10. One more thing happened that fall. during the first week of December, on a walk to a local park in the daytime, when the park (covered with snow from a recent storm) was almost empty, a young woman accompanied by a German Shepherd, shot something at me from a distance–I did not realize what was happening until I heard an odd whistling sound by my ear and looked across at her–she was aiming something at me that she was attempting to conceal with her jacket. I left the park with my dog immediately. Initially I thought she had missed but later found a small laceration near my left ear, just possibly indicative of a radio-frequency tracking chip embedded subcutaneously. The stalking and radiation intensified after this incident.
  11. In retrospect, I realize now what she sharp-shot at me was a cochlear implant: an RFID that is lodged just below my left ear, because since then, I can feel the pull on it as it responds to radio signals generated by tracking devices–carried by c/overt operatives in grocery stores, clothes stores, the mailman, UPS drivers, planes–both inside and outside the home.
  12. Additionally, this past summer, third week of August 2015, on a public beach in Cape Cod, where we were surrounded by ostensible beach-goers, a second RFID chip was sharp-shot into my upper left arm. The laceration on my skin was noticed and remarked on by both families we were vacationing with. I later began to feel the same radio pulling sensations and pain signals as with the cochlear implant.
  13. However, I have also realized there are other implants and bio-MEMs on my body, in various places, as mapped online by others experiencing similar assaults–they tend to heat up, respond to external radio signals, and generate their own signals, especially internal and external heat signals, producing topical temperature rises which can be externally measured. I can only surmise I was implanted on my one hospital stay in Virginia Hospital Center, Arlington, in 2006, when I had to hit an emergency room following a sudden inexplicable pain in my right kidney area, which I literally felt was coming in through the window. (Knowing what I know now, I think I was hit by a covert operative in the neighborhood wielding a DEW.) In any case, I was on pain meds and antibiotics in the hospital for 2 nights, and had recurring health issues after that, including recurrent miscarriages–which was odd, since as an active, athletic vegan on a wonderful, organic diet, I was extremely healthy otherwise. (Again, in retrospect, I think those miscarriages were externally engineered–this was part of a covert assault that began in 2006, I was just not aware at the time.) I do recall also experiencing some stalking at that time.
  14. Today, I am literally tracked room to room in my house. While I am in my home, odd tracking sounds–like hits on the side of the house or hits on our heating system–can be heard from above, as if some kind of (satellite/antenna?drone?) tracking device is operating from the roof or above it, as I move from room to room.
  15. Tracked from outside/above: Strange cars congregate on our street, and as I move from room to room, these cars too move (at noticeable, audible speed), around the block or up the street or down the street, or right in front of our house. In addition, these cars appear to communicate by making particular honking sounds. They also appear to communicate with a small plane, which zooms over our house and yard immediately and puts a loud tracking sound against the nearest house wall in relation to my location.
  16. Irradiation–When I sit down lie down or am otherwise stationary, I am flooded with waves, pulses, and buzzes of radiation. (These are physically measurable–I have recorded these pulses and oscillations with an RF meter.) They cause immediate headaches, heat and pain in various body regions, extreme heat, disorientation, nausea, confusion, rashes, head smog, falling out.
  17. At night, the car or van or truck apparently trying to locate me would pump huge amounts of Extremely Low Frequencies into my house–this is highly damaging radiation, known to be injurious to human health. My daughter is nine and is subject to this radiation, as also my husband, our dog, and myself. This has become a 24/7 phenomenon–both in the daytime and at night. The loud sounds of the engine pumping ELFs at night is very audible–although in recent times this sound has been minimized. The microwave pulses that appear on my person too are audible and can be recorded.
  18. Early mornings and indeed at various times through the course of the day, the small plane flies over and hovers interminably over our house. During this time I have noted abrupt changes in my and my family’s health: a feeling of suffocation, sudden and sustained lung pain, or heart palpitation–all symptoms which disappear immediately if I move– or, as occurred once, and as I understood only in retrospect, my daughter’s sudden stomach ache, nausea, and diarrhea, not attributable to any other cause.
  19. The first week that all this happened, I lost 7 pounds in striving not to sit still or be stationary, I also suffered extreme sleep-deprivation through being buzzed electromagnetically all night and being forced to get up and walk around to avoid the constant signals on my body. I woke up from my terrible nights with my hair falling out, with extreme nausea and stomach aches, and extreme migraines and head smog.
  20. My first frantic attempts to research what was happening–regarding the stalking, the tracking, the irradiation–led me to the discovery of electromagnetic neuroweapons being used on civilians, to the terminology and phenomena of Covert Harassment, Organized Stalking, Electronic Harassment, and Targeted Individuals. My first attempts to shield myself led to use of felt hats and Mylar and aluminum foil and, that, combined with the sleep deprivation, caused my husband, my cousin and my sister, who is a doctor, to immediately marshal me into chatting about insomnia with a family friend from New England Behavioral Health, Lawrence, Massachussetts, who is a psychiatrist, and later also with someone at Harvard Vanguard Medical Center, who was presented to me most deceptively by my husband as a marital counselor but who turned out to be a child psychiatrist, both of whom assured me I was being influenced by websites and should just “stop reading so much.” Please note I visited the first doc purely for a sleeping pill, for insomnia, and the second supposedly to engage in marital counseling. The latter prescribed a drug she told me was a sedative (I had explained the sleep-deprivation, and I also ended up telling her about the tracking and irradiation, although I hadn’t intended to, I just tend to talk too much!) but which turned out to be, when I looked it up at home on my sister’s medical drug directory, a drug prescribed solely for schizoid-affective disorder, with, ironically, a side-effect being noted of insomnia. (I did not take any dose of this drug, once I found out–I’m just averse to drugs.) Upshot to all this: I suspect both of these docs labelled me as “schizoid” although I’d gone in to talk about insomnia. I later learned the family friend also had billed my visit as a “psychiatric diagnostic and evaluation” which I thence disputed, emphasizing to her the reason for my consultation being, as I had noted on her office form, insomnia, nothing more. However, true to the formula by which all neuroweapon-reporting individuals are dismissed and discredited as schizoid and paraniod, she neither researched the issue nor changed her billing status, choosing instead to stand by the disinformation and lies fed to her by organized psychiatry.
  21. I have to also mention that certain members of my daughter’s school community, when informed that I was experiencing “being covertly harassed and surveilled,” also reacted, with disbelief–and yet, that later on, now, as has everyone at the school, these very naysayers have fallen in completely with the local-fusion-center-directed activities of “concealed monitoring,” open surveillance, color-coding, active Psy-Ops, and noise harassment that I am surrounded by. These are people who are compromising their own principles out of fear, and falling in line apparently in order not to be targeted themselves.
  22. Concealed monitoring: Former friends, neighbors, and even some relatives engage in continuously tracking and neuroweapon-hitting via the covert methodology of concealed monitoring; which really it seems is being connected on their cells with a police/FBI/Intel voice/text network which may be AI-run, and running an app on their cells to point, GPS-track, and hit. (These direct radio pulses/pain signals from either satellites/ground vehicles nearby onto my nerves/muscles/organs, and one has to wonder how people could be conned into doing this to another human–it is most definitely Physical Assault (with Radiation.))
  23. Since the first weeks, I have learned how better to shield myself, and do not wake up anymore with sleep-deprivation and head smog and nausea and broken knees, as I once did. The attempts to sleep-deprive have not stopped however, and, in addition to bursts of extreme microwaved heat sent my way at key points during REM cycles at night, and helicopters flying low over my house at these times (no kidding, at midnight, for months, and at 2 am, 3:30 am, and again at 5:30 or 6 am–currently this helicopter flyover activity at distinct times at night has lessened, although not stopped), the whole phenomenon of 24/7 harassment with neuroweapons and tracking continues.
  24. On a daily basis, I experience the constant flickering of nerves from tracking neuroweapons, the burst of buzzy energy arriving at my person when I sit down–which most usually does not penetrate further now, thanks to adequate shielding–and neighbors engaging in color-coding and noise harassment when the speeding cars and circling planes fail to “lock on” to me with their ridiculous remote-control weapons, a fairly frequent occurrence. Today–Jan 3, 2016–for months now, I have been hit in the heart and chest area, in addition continually to the head, the face, lungs, liver, kidney, knees, hands.
  25. I lost both my art jobs at schools. Parents stopped enrolling their kids in my art and writing workshops–which had garnered wonderful reviews the first, untargeted year that they ran–and began to avoid me as if they had heard something awful about me. Teaching-job applications for college writing jobs were continuously sabotaged online. I currently teach 2-3 kids in my daytime workshops (they come to class color-coded, which tells me their families are also “in the network”), which I have decided to try to keep running, as best I can, while taking a break from college-job applications so I can research and write about this on my new blogs, The Everyday Concerned Citizen and Covert Assaults Satyagraha.


  1. There have been occasions where we suspect illegal covert break-ins into our house–carefully orchestrated when we are away from home, and–as can only be ascribed apparently to FBI-coordinated break-ins–leaving no trace of entry except for one or two personal items missing, including my RF meter, my eyeglasses from my bedside table, and visible damage done to our coffee table, an art table, and a pair of my boots. Houseplants too have been systematically destroyed, with some kind of drying poison applied selectively to branches and plants. Items left outside in our back yard–such as a birdfeeder, wind-chimes–have been seemingly deliberately destroyed, and plants in our backyard too poisoned selectively as described. Crocuses and tulips in the front yard have had petals and leaves snipped off with scissors–my husband (who nevertheless wants to stay in denial about all this) also witnessed this.
  2. During the first year of this assault, color-coded attire, and harassive actions–such as traffic and parking and walking cut-offs–became so noticeable at my daughter’s school, and from parents of kids taking my workshops, along with whispers and insinuations of “investigations” being opened on me and innuendo of a sexual nature, that it became obvious to me that true to book, I was being made the center of a vicious smear campaign by whatever agency is responsible; I felt compelled to research and share links with several parents and teachers on false FBI investigations (see Mike German’s videos on Youtube) being opened on activists, as well as links to information online on how “reporting individuals” are discredited, especially sections from Mark Rich’s book, New World Wars.
  3. On two trips to Chicago that first year, I noted many stalking incidents at both airports, and felt I was irradiated on the plane, both ways, going and returning to Boston: on the first trip, in both cases, a couple sat behind me with a suspect case pushed up against the back of my seat. On both trips as also on a recent Amtrak trip to New York, I noticed assiduous observers, both student-like and older, staring at me with the dedication of psychiatrists in labs. The past year, I have also experienced stalking and neuroweapon-hits while driving to and in Burlington, Vermont, at hotels and motels, and in Cape Cod, at a rental house. I have witnessed the men with heavy bags checking into rooms nearby as well. (In Burlington, one group was driving with Canadian license plates. On our street, Chinese families have moved in who seem to be engaged purely in this surveillance/weapon-wielding activity. I have also run into Israeli and Eastern European stalkers. All of this makes me suspect NWO and UN involvement.)


  • I have spoken by phone to assistants in both Senator Elizabeth Warren’s and Senator Ed Markey’s offices, who listened to my accounts and did not follow through in any way with any kind of assistance or interest in researching or addressing this phenomenon. Letters I have addressed directly to these Senators as well as to Tackey Chan have fallen into a void and not been responded to. Letters to Amnesty International at Boston have been unanswered. A visit and report left at ACLU, Massachusetts resulted in an acknowledgement of  what I was experiencing as “harassment” and a declaration that ACLU could not help individuals.
  • FOIA requests I filed (using FOIA request text from a website online) with the FBI, CIA, DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), and DSS (Defense Secret Services) resulted in form letters saying no records had been found and that they could not tell me if I was or was not under investigation–whatever that means.
  • FOIA requests I filed online at to the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and later to the Federal Aviation Administration regarding the peculiar and very specific and constant flights of very specific small planes and helicopters over my house and neighborhood–still available online–resulted in  no information being provided, and many excuses being made.
  • The Office of Human Research Protections, Dept of Health and Human Services, whom I contacted seeking answers and to complain, and to ask that my complaint be entered in the public record, informed me they could do nothing if there were violations of Informed Consent requirements in military or Air Force contracts. In fact, they informed me, many departments and federal agencies didn’t need Informed Consent, since they all had exceptions to the Common Rule. (If human subject experimentation is classified–major loophole–none of these agencies need to bother with Informed Consent–how is that for democracy.)
  • I registered complaints with the US Air Force, the Dept. of Defense Office of the Inspector General, and others. All of these have fallen into a void.
  • PEN-American, of which I am a member, did not respond after I wrote to them.
  • Journalists I have contacted have all disdained to acknowledge or cover–including Glenn Greenwald, Trevor Timm, Chris Hedges, John Pilger, and others. (Some alternative media journalists are slowly starting to cover this phenomenon, I’m aware.)
  • My emails, I know, like my tweets and Facebook posts are being tampered with. My phones are tapped. My cell is constantly being manipulated. My websites are messed with frequently (particularly to change site view and social-media sharing numbers.)

So here I am in 2016: fiction writer, poet, activist, mother, ethical citizen activist, and teacher. Just for speaking out: I have become a subject of covert Air Force/CIA experimentation with classified EMF/scalar/sonic neuroweaponry, and a subject of malicious 24/7surveillance and harassment, as well as a subject of major slander in my neighborhood and community. (Now of course, my aim is to continue speaking out, and researching, and posting, and waking the world up, until this absolutely insane and illegitimate NWO program of harassment, surveillance, and experimentation is terminated. Not only that, the whole truth about what Electronic Warfare is and what “non-lethal” weapons or “anti-personnel” weapons are needs to be revealed; we need to ban these supremely deadly and invasive neuroweapons, worldwide.)


5 thoughts on “Targeted Individuals: Testimony of current government covert torture and control experiments

  1. Wow… she even tried the tin foil hat.

    Now..the first things to consider when you hear claims like this is the amount of money that it would cost to harass this woman as she described, if the threat she posed to “the establishment” would be worth the expenditure, and if any of her claims are supported by other evidence. In this case the answers are a lot of money, no, and no.

    See what I mean here? She has a lot of people employed in stalking her and implanting chips in her just because she showed up at a few demonstrations and wrote letters to representatives? Why isn’t this happening to thousands of others? As far as the “experimentation” explanation is concerned, none of this is new technology or technique that requires experiments.

    I don’t put any faith in the psychiatry profession, but crazy people do exist, and this woman is showing classic symptoms of paranoia. I’ve heard of gang stalking, and other forms of government harassment, but why would this particular woman be worth that effort, and where would they get the manpower to carry this out? If she was this much of a problem to the government, wouldn’t it be a hell of a lot easier to nail her with the heart-attack gun than shoot implantable chips in her? (part of her hard-to-believe attacks) Why can’t she cut the RFID chips out with a sharp knife?

    I think what we have here is a paranoid woman, who truly believes this long list of occurrences are related to each other, and being intentionally deployed against her, but much of it is imaginary, and other events are random and unrelated. Paranoia is defined by one’s ability to weave them all into a conspiracy.

    “Intellihub”, who I place on the same controlled-opposition level as Alex Jones, is just using her “experiences” to silence real opposition.

    Why aren’t they doing these things to Henry, J.D., or a hundred other activists who are actually making a difference?

    It’s possible that her symptoms of paranoia were caused by the meds she was on, and that kind of experimentation is possible, but too many of the details of her alleged harassment are a bit too far-fetched for me to believe are part of any covert government harassment program, especially since the target isn’t worth the effort.

    1. As usual Jolly, you are right on target (plus I read this pretty much same post a year or so ago). Among other things I have been involved with in terms of “activism” (which in the 70s was extremely left wing…I’ll leave it at that since I have since denounced whatever it was I believed at the ripe old age of 19)…and far more dangerous than supporting PETA (really? You really think they help animals? They euthanize more than they help! And the Red Cross? the same Red Cross that CHARGED residents of Saragosa, Texas, for aid after a tornado in 1988 wiped the place off the map!), such as supporting for a time the Republic of Texas movement, going to jail for my rights as a sovereign citizen, twice, when I was breastfeeding my daughter, and today continuing to support We the People against all enemies, especially domestic ones, and continue to support the true nature of Christ, not the Hebraic Roots/Christian Zionism crap…if anyone should be a target of CoIntelPro, it’s me and like folks here at FTTWR!

      1. So you believe she’s just not important enough for them to waste their time on? Perhaps you just don’t understand the selection process. I dont know if what she says is true or not but what I do know, gang stalking absolutely does exist.

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