Tell your uncle that Joe Biden wasn’t green-screened into that video

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Joe Biden is the very real, very alive, very not-that-last-guy president of the United States. Sadly, an unfortunately large number of Americans somehow still do not believe any of that to be the case, as evidenced earlier this week when The Hill tweeted a 53-second-long clip of President Biden speaking with reporters on the White House’s South Lawn before boarding Marine One. During the course of the brief exchange, Biden can be seen walking towards the press gaggle before pausing in front of large, extended boom mics to answer a couple questions, at which point his hand gestures appear to strangely overlap the mics (macabrely referred to in the trade as “dead cats”) in a way that suggests some kind of shoddy CGI or green screen work. 

It looks pretty weird at first glance, and might prove suspicious if nobody is around to a) prove themselves a firsthand witness to the event, indicating it wasn’t a hoax and/or b) post a video explainer debunking any potential conspiracy theories fomenting around the Internet.

Huh. Well that’s an interesting little optical illusion, isn’t it? Pretty cool once it’s explained away easily, actually. Glad we nipped that one in the bud and can focus on more important things, like the fact that Biden stated on record he has no immediate plans to visit the provable humanitarian crisis occurring along the U.S.-Mexico border—a stain on American history made darker and deeper by that last guy who was president, and which probably deserves much more attention than confusing, trivial, low-res video clips on Twitter.

Oh goddamnit. Say what you will about QAnon cultists, but they are nothing if not persistent. Delusional, too, but still very much persistent. For a quasi-religious nationalist movement based more on Bioshock: Infinite than anything within reality, we suspect footage like The Hill’s is premium, Grade A red meat, which is why it’s so immensely depressing to know deep within our souls that this “dead cat” video won’t go anywhere anytime soon, since it vaguely confirms their increasingly untenable (right? Right?) worldview.

In any case, please, by all means, preemptively forward this along to any of your uncles/aunts/in-laws before they send you their recent find via Facebook Messenger. To save time, you can even point to the image we used in the header—you know, the separate photo taken from a completely different angle at the exact same moment shown in the video.

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6 thoughts on “Tell your uncle that Joe Biden wasn’t green-screened into that video

  1. It’s pretty clear it is a staged Green screen environment…. And by some miracle explanation such as this English accented gentlemen (of course) that is is not.

    Somehow, I don’t really believe this is going to save him, and the rest of these corporate criminals including your little Trumpraeli from the peoples hangman’s rope…

    And if anyone thinks, we are not going to dig up the bones of those that came before them, for a posthumous trial and hanging you are dead wrong.

    That is a mandate to all the real Americans who survive what is coming and reap the freedom we intend to recuperate….

    Bill of rights, common law, freedom, liberty, sovereignty and nothing less…this will be achieved by the complete elimination of the enemies……they have been defined… they know who they are….

    Green screen, who gives a fk

  2. Biden’s State of the COVID-19 vaccinations:

    Listen to the video at the 5:02 mark, and you’ll hear crazy Joe say, “President Harris and I…”.

    Wow! I didn’t know Harris was President. Unfrigginbelievable!!!

    We truly have no government. Our country has been taken and it’s high time we to take it back!

  3. Wowzer, this author pulled out all the stops on propaganda B.S. and ad hominem. His “floating” towards the “reporters” wad bizarre enough but this ahole is gaslighting the people something fierce.

    “matt binder” is the author, I believe, and isn’t he from “the free thought project” or some other site?

  4. remember.. I’ve said it before.. there are no accidents.. no mistakes. it very well may be a green screen fake and all that but rest assured that was not missed in editing.. just like the joo joke on SNL.. it was hunerd cent ON PURPOSE. I do believe the karma thingy where they have to tell us the truth but if we’re too dumb to see it well.. “We told you. we showed you what was what.. it’s not our fault!!” .. that’s how they operate. the slogan for Readydotgov is.. You never know, when the day before IS the day before… telling us to be prepared for any kind of disaster or emergency.. all the while mocking us for being crazy conspiracy theorist preppers!!

  5. JMO
    I think it was the press that wasn’t there
    And the questions that were allowed to be asked were also staged and pre-recorded

    He fcken stuck his hand right through that fake mic
    They call those fuzzy mics “dead cats” for a reason , and in this case it more than dead .. it was gone

    What really amazes me
    Is the fact it appears they are getting away with this shit

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