Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Scientology

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A dark and evil organisation, a rich peoples’ club, or just a strange fad? Here are ten things you (maybe) didn’t know about Scientology. In all likelihood you will probably be familiar with some of these facts (like it’s famous members which include Tom Cruise and John Travolta),while others may take you completely by surprise. I for one, was completely unaware that Wikipedia had to ban all I.P. addresses owned by the Church of Scientology due to years of them making false edits on religious topics. Watch and learn, but stay away from this predatory cult like the plague!

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3 thoughts on “Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Scientology

  1. Years ago I was a fan of L. Ron Hubbard. I loved his fiction. Then Dianetics was released and after reading that crap I quit reading his junk.
    I saw parrallels with his fiction in that supposedly Non-fiction book.
    I have to admit, Hubbard was a genius! What other author could pull off the fallicy of creating or discovering a “New” religion? I wanted nothing to do with this cult!
    Then as luck would happen, I was working in the Tampa Bay area and was sent to scientology’s headquarters in St. Petersburg to replace storm damaged windows. That is the creapiest place I have ever been! The people (were they?) were very odd, they talked to no one in the halls. In fact at break times they silently lined up in the halls and on command walked to the lunchroom or whatever. They ignored us, it was as if I and my co-workers were not even there. I have never been happier than the day that job ended! I was tired of feeling like I was back in the joint, yet it felt even worse than that. It’s hard to describe, but being in that building I felt as if my mind was at war with itself.

      1. I’ve heard that “rumor.” I don’t know or really care though.
        He was into the occult and had connections with Alister Crowley If my memory is still half azzed sound.
        It’s funny, I first read a couple of his westerns, then began reading most of his books because they were entertaining. With what I now know, I would never pick up any of his books.

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