Tensions Rise in Pakistan

Salman Taseer, the governor of Punjab Province, was killed in a shooting in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad on Tuesday. Apparently Mr. Taseer had been backing the release of a Christian woman who had been sentenced to death for blaspheming against Islam.  The assassination has immense political ramifications, causing a near collapse of Pakistan’s government as members of the coalition government are moving to the opposition’s benches.

The whole scenario has been described as a setback for the American cause in Afghanistan as the opposition groups in Pakistan harbor the Afghans who are in opposition to U.S. interests.

Pakistan’s main opposition Leader Nawaz Sharif has given the Islamabad government three days to agree to key reforms or face collapse.  The demands include a lowering of fuel prices, a cut in government expenditures, and government implemented court verdicts against ruling party officials for corruption.

Political tensions are running high in Pakistan and calls for Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s resignation grow louder with each passing day.  Gilani has come under fire for his handling of security in the country.  This coupled with allegations of corruption and the economy is fueling the tensions to new heights.

So what in the world is happening to Pakistan?  The United States used to be counted as number one in innovation, manufacturing, and charity.  Now it seems the only thing that we are truly good at is destroying governments in other countries.  Our so called intelligence agencies take gluttonous amounts of tax payer dollars and use them to corrupt foreign officials.  This naturally causes destabilization as, unlike the United States, the peoples of most foreign sovereign countries will not tolerate corruption that is being perpetrated right in their faces.

So what now, if the opposition takes over and are determined to be detrimental to U. S. corporate interests in the area, I guess we will have no choice but to invade.  As the choices of the Pakistani people in reference to their chosen governments becomes irrelevant when it threatens international profit taking.

It is time for the people of the world to tell the international elite to cease and desist.  If you look at it closely what it always comes down to in every instance is the loss of human life for corporate profit.  And all we have to do to stop it is simply refuse to kill each other for them.

God help the people of Pakistan

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