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Terrorism on Interstate 5

We received the following tale of terror from a reader.

I would like to let you know about an extremely disturbing incident that happened to my daughter and her friend while driving on I-5 south, between Seattle and Portland.

They both live in Portland, and her friend had bought a vintage van, and they went up there to get it and bring it back to Portland.  

The van was not driving too well, and they were taking it slow to not overheat – not going over 45 mph.

Very long story short – they were pulled over and the cops came up to their doors with guns pointed at them, screaming at them to put their hands up, etc, etc, etc. There were a total of four cop cars surrounding them.

My daughter thought she was going to die – right then and there. Her friend was pulled from the vehicle, slammed face down in the dirt, roughed up, and hand cuffed. My daughter (21 yrs old) was also handcuffed. They were separated and interrogated for quite some time, still not knowing at all what was going on! They asked them if they had guns, and they said NO – OMG No!!

Anyway, after much interrogation, bullying, intimidating, guns still pointed at them, they finally said that a woman had called in a report that there was a van on I-5 shooting at people on the freeway.

The van had BACKFIRED earlier!

I cannot believe how my daughter and her friend were treated. That woman should be prosecuted for filing a false report! They were eventually let go, but there was no reason to treat them like that!!!

My daughter actually thought these would be her last moments on earth! People need to know what could happen to you if you are traveling between Washington and Oregon and your vehicle backfires!

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6 Responses to Terrorism on Interstate 5

  1. Tess. says:

    Common sense says you drive that slow for a Vintage Vehicle. Im so sorry for you all, thank the Lord they were covered.

  2. Millard says:

    WWIII is well underway. DHS has invaded most major police departments with gestapo tactics, using fear and intimidation as tools of oppression.

    This incident they put your daughter through occurs nationwide on a daily basis. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights has been shredded.

    I can hardly wait for their gun grab, using “common sense gun control measures”, there’s only 1 problem. They can’t touch the 2nd Amendment without treason. Still, be prepared and buy more bullets! We are going to have to defend our rights ourselves, fighting a foreign occupation (Israel) in our highest seats of power.

  3. Jolly Roger says:

    “That woman should be prosecuted for filing a false report!”

    Most definitely….. and if I were one of the people in that van, I’d be pressing the charges, and making damn sure that the nosy rat bastard paid for his actions.

    • Millard says:

      What should we expect? “Terror, terror, terror.” Government sponsored false flag mass shootings, a terrorist hiding behind every tree. Millions of sheeples gobbling up the government lies with poop in their pants.

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “People need to know what could happen to you if you are traveling between Washington and Oregon and your vehicle backfires!”

    Had that been L.A., the van would have been shot full of holes before any questions were even asked.

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