Terrorists inbound: Iran conflict & illegal immigration


The Iran Conflict and the terrorists who walk freely among us!

Our archives at ALIPAC are filled with reports documenting that the Iranian backed Hezbollah terrorist group has been active on America’s tattered border for many years. 

We have every reason to believe that nations like Iran, North Korea, and others have already fully infiltrated the US and have military assets in place in our communities awaiting orders to attack or conduct sabotage here in America. From spreading wildfires to conducting murders/assassinations, gathering intelligence, influencing public opinion, or even one day attacking one of our nuclear power plants… America’s enemies walk freely among us due to unsecured borders and unenforced immigration laws.

Please review our sources about the Hezbollah “Party of God” alliances with Mexican drug and illegal alien importing cartels at…

Today’s breaking news is a story from Breitbart titled Border Patrol Circulates Intel Alert: Suspected Suicide Bomber en Route to the US

ALIPAC has warned the nation for years stating, “If there is a terrorist in the world that has not already exploited America’s weak borders and immigration laws, they are probably too stupid for us to worry about.” — William Gheen of ALIPAC.us

America can never be secure from enemies foreign and domestic, while more than 20 million illegal aliens roam freely in our nation and others stream in from across the globe. We need our borders secured and illegals sent home immediately.


One thought on “Terrorists inbound: Iran conflict & illegal immigration

  1. Only sent this in for posting to point out that this ALIPAC organization is completely on board with the Iranian boogey man. Swallowing the zionist lie.

    So sick of these lobbying groups getting tons of funds only to keep the people in subjection. Gotta be in with the masons in order to keep that business up and running.

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