Test All Baby Boomers For Hepatitis C: CDC

I’ll pass on any Govt. agency sticking a needle in me!

MSM  Every American born between 1945 and 1965 should be tested for the liver-destroying virus hepatitis C, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended Thursday.

One in 30 Baby Boomers is infected with the virus and most don’t know it. Hepatitis C is a leading cause of liver cancer and other liver diseases, and is the leading cause of liver transplants, the CDC said.

“And deaths from hepatitis C have nearly doubled over the past decade,” CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden said during an afternoon news conference. “Unless we take action now, deaths will increase substantially in the coming years.”

Baby boomers are five times more likely to have hepatitis C than other adult Americans, Frieden said.

So, the CDC is now recommending one-time testing for hepatitis C for everyone in the country born between 1945 and 1965, he said. All those who test positive for the virus should receive a brief alcohol screening and intervention and be referred to appropriate care and treatment services. Alcohol use has been shown to accelerate the progression of liver disease, the agency added.

Until now, the recommendation had been for testing only those at risk. “But that approach missed far too many infections,” Frieden explained.

These new recommendations take into account that more than 2 million Baby Boomers are infected with hepatitis C, accounting for more than 75 percent of all American adults living with the disease.

Many Baby Boomers were infected years ago and don’t consider themselves at risk, so they’ve never been screened, Frieden noted.

Hepatitis C is a “silent killer,” living in the liver for years while slowly destroying it, Dr. John Ward, director of the division of viral hepatitis at the CDC, said during the news conference.

Hepatitis C is spread through organ transplants, injected drug use and once even through blood transfusions and sexual contact, he said.

“Testing of Baby Boomers is essential to prevent unnecessary suffering and death from this devastating disease, and to reduce the burden of hepatitis C on our nation’s health-care system,” Ward said.

Each year, more than 15,000 Americans, most of them Baby Boomers, die from hepatitis C-related illness, such as cirrhosis and liver cancer. Deaths from the virus have been increasing for over a decade and are expected to increase in the coming years.

Testing Baby Boomers could identify more than 800,000 people with hepatitis C, Frieden said.

Identifying these people and linking them up with treatment could cure up to 75 percent of them. “Getting more people with hepatitis C into treatment could avoid 50,000 cases of liver cancer, nearly 200,000 cases of cirrhosis and more than 102,000 deaths,” Ward said.

Dr. Marc Siegel, an associate professor of medicine at New York University Langone Medical Center in New York City, said he supports the new recommendation.

“Hepatitis C is a real killer. It leads to a lot of cirrhosis and liver failure and need for liver transplants. It’s a subclinical infection and it’s often missed until it’s too late,” he said.

47 thoughts on “Test All Baby Boomers For Hepatitis C: CDC

  1. It looks like another way for the government to get someone into an office to be injected with some new experimental vaccine loaded with cancer viruses. I will just take my chances.

    1. if they were so concerned they’d rid our foods of pesticides, GMO’s, flame retardent etc. They are hell bent on depopulating us as quick as possible with innoculations. literally right out of the protocols of zion.

    1. Not only that , but a real convenient way to be injected with that R.F.I.D. chip . Something else to think about .

  2. when in the hell did they start worrying about anything that would be beneficial to our health, I’ll take some of that dope that have to be on but otherwise I’ll pass. Who sits around and trumps this crap up you reckon’

  3. This is about marketing the new triple therapy that sells for $50,000, plus doctors fees and testing costs. The viral load test alone costs $600, and the mere qualitative RNA PCR that confirms infection is $400–the CDC, working hand in hand with big pharma, is selling overpriced treatment to people they try to scare–

  4. Fortunately, ( in an odd sort of way ) I don’t need to test for it. I’ve had it since I was 19, due to I.V. drug use as a teenager.
    Also fortunately, it’s one of the few diseases that can remain dormant all of your life, as long as you take care of your health, which I have done.

  5. In an article from March 2012 in Bloomberg, it was reported that “No vaccine exists for Hepatitis C. But at least two pharma companies have poured billions of dollars into “experimental” vaccines that they are just itching to unleash on the American people.. The keyword is “experimental”. Anyone taking these untested vaccines are nothing more than guinea pigs. And remember. If there are complications, these companies can’t be sued.

    1. And who better to get rid of than the baby boomers? Then we wouldn’t need our Social Security and it would be okay to take it.

      1. I was under the distinct impression they have already taken it.

        p.s. It was an ‘experimental’ Hepatitis B vaccine which started the AIDS epidemic in the U.S.

        1. I’ll say it again………I’ll pass on any Govt. agency sticking a needle in me…….for all of the above reasons !

        2. I’m kind of scared because back in the 90’s I took the Hep B vaccination series during a medical class I was taking (they required it). Back then I was clueless and never even thought the gov-mint would be injecting diseases into us.

          1. I’d say you have good reason to be worried, but if nothing has showed up after all this time, you’re probably o.k.

      1. I looked at your ‘information’ on that link. It came straight from the so-called ‘medical establishment’. And you believe THEM?


  6. “Baby boomers are five times more likely to have hepatitis C than other adult Americans, Frieden said,” but Frieden neglected to mention any supporting evidence to substantiate this revelation.

    Ward then goes on to add, “Getting more people with hepatitis C into treatment could avoid 50,000 cases of liver cancer, nearly 200,000 cases of cirrhosis and more than 102,000 deaths.”

    Which reminded me of that old adage, “63.2% of all statistics are made up on the spot.” I don’t know who to attribute that to.

    Reader Japoa speculated, “Not only that , but a real convenient way to be injected with that R.F.I.D. chip . Something else to think about .” Is that too conspiracy-theorist for this readership? Sounds pretty paranoid to me. But then, most of us are aware that these days the true definition of paranoia is “enhanced awareness.”

    I think I’ll pass on this test, and any treatment they might offer afterward. I’ll just take the chance that all my history of transfusions, needle sharing, unprotected sex, and transplants won’t come back to haunt me.

    1. I stopped considering it paranoia years ago, when I finally figured out they actually ARE out to get us.

  7. THIS should be NO surprise; since the baby boomers would be the last hope for us to rid the planet of EVIL opposition. Lets pray that NO baby boomer falls for this complete LIE. If any baby boomer has been exposed to this;;it would have been in the beginning of their experiments with polio shots or the cubes of sugar; etc. I am 60 now; and am in great health; with a minor skip in my heart. Serious!!!!! I move constantly; I take care of a paralyzed husband ( injured on a battleship); and run and operate a Farm. Plus I mow so many acres it could make a young man today faint. WE have a natural wildlife habitat on many acres; NO; if you have hepititus c; OR ANY HEPATITUS

  8. What a complete crock! The “silent killer” is life itself. So far as I know, no one has ever, I mean EVER survived it. Do your own research. And this supposed “treatment” is a 250,000$ boondoggle for the Big Pharma companies that are promoting it. I am SO completely enlivened by all the responses to this above. I’ve been on to this little secret for 20 years or more. So glad to see humanity embracing the charade and doing something about it, finally. There is not ONE disease that you cannot cure yourself. Do the research and take responsibility for your own health, regardless fo what you did when you were younger. Your human body is AMAZING in it’s wholeness and wonder. Just “listen” to it and it will tell you what you need to do. Every single time. Peace.

  9. I’ve got Hep-C. Seriously where do I pick up my prize. If they want to get the vast majority of US adults to come forward for testing they just need to make a Hummer first prize.

  10. it would have been given to you in the late 40s into the 50 S. GOVERNMENT SPONSERED; for sure.

    1. I was born in 1966. Don’t be sorry I am not. It has no detrimental effect on my life. I have known of my status for over a quarter of a century (it didn’t even have an official name when I was diagnosed). It is definitely not as bad as it is being painted in the media.

  11. Hep C can be treated without big pharma. I read a book called herbs for hepititus C and the liver. I now take handfuls of supplements 3 times a day which I get from the health food section of grocery stores. I’ve had it over 40 years and don’t show any really bad symptoms. I’m glad I learned I have it or I’d probably be dead. FWIW.

  12. Trust me …if you did ANYTHING risky as a teenager pay to have your local clinic run this test . It saved my life 15 years ago . If I hadn’t by chance found out I had Hep C I would be dead now ! Hep C can be cured ,if the symptoms show chances are you will die before it can be cured …and in months not years !

    1. Mick, Trust you? There is NO cure for Hepatitis. I should know, I’ve had it for 40 years. It’s the type of disease that goes dormant, but is always in your system. It will only re-emerge if you don’t take care of your health. If I were to start drinking and not eat properly, mine would return. If the so-called ‘medical’ establishment said you had it, and they cured it, you’ve been played. But of course, they would NEVER lie about something like that, just for MONEY, would they?

      Read my article “Big Phama’s Lies Exposed – Cancer IS Curable” in the older posts section of this site, and then try to tell us how credible these scumbags are.

      1. You don’t know what you are talking about !

        I had interferon injections IV for 2 years every second day (which I learnt to do myself) and have tested by PCR’s for over 14 years with NO VIABLE HEP C VIRUS.

        You have been misinformed.


        The goal of hepatitis C treatment is to prevent worsening of liver disease and to get rid of the virus. (See “Overview of the management of chronic hepatitis C virus infection”.)

        Pegylated interferon (peginterferon) and ribavirin — The most common treatment for hepatitis C is a combination of two medicines, pegylated interferon (also called peginterferon) and ribavirin. The ribavirin treatment is taken as a pill, and the pegylated interferon is taken as a weekly shot. The recommended duration of treatment with this combination is usually 24 weeks for genotypes 2 and 3. In the past, patients with genotype 1 were all treated for 48 weeks. However, treatment for patients with genotype 1 now includes an additional medication that improves cure rates, and the length of treatment depends upon whether a person has been treated in the past and upon changes in the level of the virus in the blood during treatment. (See ‘Protease inhibitors’ below.)

        During treatment, you will have tests to monitor the level of the virus in your blood (called the viral load). The goal of treatment is to completely get rid of the virus. Treatment may be stopped early if the virus does not respond or if you have intolerable treatment-related side effects.

        Side effects occur in almost 80 percent of patients who are given pegylated interferon and ribavirin. The most common side effects include flu-like symptoms, low levels of red and white blood cells, depression, and fatigue. Treatments to minimize these symptoms are available.”


        1. Like I said, YOU’VE BEEN PLAYED!!!
          I contracted Hepatitus C back in 1971. At that time I was told it was Hep B, because there was no definitive test for Hep C until ’94. I learned the truth a few years ago, the last time I ever went to the hospital for ANYTHING. The ‘liver specialist’ did her best to convince me to take Hep A vaccination, until I finally told her to stick that needle where the sun don’t shine. Being that I have 100% health coverage from my job, explain to me why I was never offered these ‘treatments’ you’re so sure ‘cured’ you. Nor has anyone else I’ve ever known with this disease been offered the same.
          I shudder to think what they actually did put into your system, no doubt the effects will soon be evident. As I stated earlier, I’ve had it for 40 years, so your scaremongering tactics won’t fly here, buddy.
          Read this article, and get a freakin’ clue as to what Big Pharma is all about, otherwise STFU!!!


      2. Oh and for your “reason” for my treatment being for money …I live in New Zealand and as a result the only cost was a couple of days off work to get test during the treatment .
        So not a single dollar was paid by me to receive the hundreds of injections or for the syringes or the alcohol wipes ….zip ,nada ,zero .
        I don’t want an apology I just want people to realise the risk and to be proactive .

        1. And you’ll get no apology from me, either.
          Spreading disinformation and fearmongering on this site will win you no friends here.

        2. You know people that have been cured?, I don`t think so Mick. If any thing hosp. spread disease and viruses, and they even get grants to do so – hell just check out how the U.S. govt. was involved in spreading syphalis back in the day , and that doesn`t even start with what the govt. and hospitals are up to. Sounds like your grabbing your ankles for the Dr.s Mick!!

        3. The money came out of the taxpayers pocket. It m,ay not have been your pocket but money was made by the pharma companies off your ‘disease’.

  13. This sounds suspicious to me, but then again, I’m suspicious of anything the government “recommends”. I fall into this category but I would never let them poke around on me. They must have discovered one of their vaccinations from this time period increases liklihood of Hep-C. I also have ADD which I attribute to these “government” guys in white coats injecting me with their concoctions when I was a little kid.

    What scares me most about ObamaCare is that these kinds of “recommendations” will quickly turn into “Mandatory”. Nothing scares me more than these turds forcing me to take tests. They would love to see millions of us die tomorrow so more govt money could go to sugar coat their wars and bankers.

    1. I fall into the category age-wise, not because I have Hep c.

      Instead of worrying about if we have Hep C, we need to keep focused on the criminal govermnet.

      1. seriously multi task …my oncologist said New Zealand has probably 20-30 thousand people with HEP C that they (the suffers) don’t know about ! You don’t know you have it until symptoms develop …then you die because your liver is f#@ked ! I have nothing to gain from saying any of this but read my comments and if you ever did risky shit get tested ! It might save your life because once the symptom “show” you are f#@ked !
        And no matter what others say ,there is a cure if you act early .

        1. I never thought to take the risks; had no desire to, lucky for me. No need for a blood transfusion either. I’m clean as a whistle and am happy to report I was not taken in by the “counter-culture”; thought it was filled with a lot of occult garbage and stayed away.

  14. Puhleeeeze. This is nothing more than an effort to get us vacinated …. yet again. For what ever reason, they’ve got a plan, and if you think that we, the little guys, know what it is, then you’ve got another thought coming. I, for one, will not allow them to stick me.

  15. If this is so, it’s because the scum controllers, gave it to everyone, thru childhood vaccines. Deliberately!

    And they’ve had people be walking test labs animals, to see the results, how it would effect the humans

    Every disease has been given to Humans by these creatures.It’s not natural that so many diseases have SUDDENLY sprung up since the Spanish Flu, and a myriad since the 80s. .

    Yeah, it’s been done DELIBERATELY to wear down the vitality olf the Humans, not to be in the peak of health, so these creatures can control us.

    1. This all coincides with U.N. Agenda 21 protocols. They are trying to kill as many as possible and they do NOT give a rats ass how .

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