Texas Acts to Secure Its Own Border

Texas Nationalist Movement

Oh what a difference an election year makes!

‘Fed up with the federal government’s failure to stop the massive flow of illegal aliens, human trafficking and drug smuggling, Texas officials took matters into their own hands, bringing all of it to a screeching halt along the Rio Grande section of the U.S./Mexican border.  

“In the Rio Grande Valley sector, nearly nothing moved in those three weeks,” Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst told Breitbart News. “We shut it down. We had teams of Texas law enforcement in the brush, high-altitude aircraft, gun boats and more. Our intel revealed that the Gulf cartel was growing frustrated with our three-week effort.”

Border security, and protecting Texans from the extremely high costs of illegal immigration are the top two issues with Texas voters. Finally the politicians are starting to get the message.

Our elected pubic servants cannot escape this simple truth: Those here illegally are not a legitimate constituency, and anyone working to legitimize them or on their behalf are working against the rule of law, our constitutions, and the interests of their legitimate constituents.

We commend Lt. Governor Dewhurst for taking action to protect Texans.

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2 thoughts on “Texas Acts to Secure Its Own Border

  1. Umm..Isn’t Lt. Govenor Dewhurst just as bad as Perry?

    To me I see more illegals in Texas, not few. Just go into Walmart or Ross stores. NONE of them speak ENGLISH!!!! It pisses me off! Get them the F**k out!

  2. The Texas Nationalist Movement is IMHO just as squirrely as RIck Mclaren’s Republic of Texas Movement was…when I sent them an e-mail requesting why they did not have a representative for far west Texas (where the RoT standoff occured April 27 – MAY 2, 1997), they replied they’d get back to me and of course they never did. Poseurs, just like McLaren, who was in it for the fame, guns, and money…using the bogus “Washitaw Nation” to launder it!

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