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Texas Cop Demands Papers, Smashes Window When He Doesn’t Get Them

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ADDISON, Texas — A Texas police officer was recorded breaking a car window after a man refused to show his driver’s license.

Scott Richardson, 49, was pulled over on May 2 by a police officer for allegedly speeding in Addison. In the video, recorded from Richardson’s vehicle, the police officer asks Richardson for his identification. Richardson refuses, and over the course of approximately five minutes, the officer grows increasingly agitated, eventually smashing Richardson’s car window to remove him from the vehicle and place him under arrest.  

Richardson was reportedly charged with failure to present his driver’s license, driving with an invalid license, and driving with expired license plates.

The description of the video, which appears to have been originally uploaded to YouTube by Richardson himself, states: “Brown v Texas – Officers CAN NOT demand a person to self identify unless then cops has seen them in a commission of a Felony.”

Richardson believes the ruling means he is not legally required to provide his identification, and explains this to the officer. When the officer disagrees, Richardson asks to speak to the officer’s supervisor. Rather than peacefully complying with Richardson’s request, the officer (whose name has not been released) violently escalates the situation by using a baton to break Richardson’s window and placing him under arrest.

Following the arrest, the officer gives his interpretation of the encounter to another cop who arrived at the scene.

“All he had to do was give me his driver’s license. He’s giving me that public of Texas crap saying I stopped him illegally and that I don’t have the right to obtain him.”

The video of the encounter is available below:


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2 Responses to Texas Cop Demands Papers, Smashes Window When He Doesn’t Get Them

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    “…the officer grows increasingly agitated, eventually smashing Richardson’s car window…”

    That’s when he should have blown the pig’s head right off his goddamn shoulders. He was in immediate danger of losing life or limb at the hands of an obviously psychotic cop who was breaking the law, and had every right to defend himself with lethal force.

    If you have to do jury duty, just remember that anyone who kills a cop is as innocent as Jesus Christ himself. The evidence is irrelevant, because it’s probably fabricated.

  2. NC says:

    Funny how the officer was all calm until his fellow officer drives up. Then all of a sudden he changed his attitude to a hostile one in order to look good in front of his fellow officer and to try and make him believe that the man in the guy was making him “fear for his life” in some way or escalating violence. Typical coward. He knew he would have been losing face in front of his fellow officer if he did not do his “show of force” routine, rather than handle things civilly. Immediately when the guy mentions his fellow officer driving up, the officer shouts, “SIR! SIR!” trying to scare the guy into doing something that would make him use force against him. Then, of course, the other officer driving up has to park his car right in front of the guy’s car to block him from going away. Finally, the fat pig whips out his baton like he’s some sort of fat, wild and crazy wielding baton swordsman or something. What a bunch of pigs.

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