Texas Gov. Rick Perry Announces He Won’t Seek 4th Term as Governor; Reports Say He is “Passing the Word” He’ll make a 2016 Presidential Run

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Here is video of Texas Gov. Rick Perry announcing his decision not to seek re-election to a fourth term as Governor of Texas.

Perry did not say in his remarks he will run for President again in 2016, but National Journal reports Perry has been passing the word that he will definitely make a 2016 run for the GOP Presidential Nomination:

NATIONAL JOURNAL:Rick Perry is stepping down as the longest-serving governor in Texas history to clear the decks for a 2016 presidential campaign, according to several well-placed Republican sources. They said Perry is stepping down to make sure his declining popularity among Texas Republicans won’t complicate his Oval Office ambitions.

Several Texas Republican sources told National Journal that despite Perry’s insistence Monday that he hasn’t decided on another presidential race, the governor has been passing the word for months he’ll definitely run again in 2016.

But Perry was worried that his popular attorney general Greg Abbott could beat him in a 2014 gubernatorial primary, and that would cripple his presidential prospects months before he’d have to jump in. Abbott, 55, who has been confined to a wheelchair for nearly 30 years after a freak accident while jogging, instantly becomes the odds-on favorite to win the GOP nomination and succeed Perry as governor.

“Abbott won’t announce for a while but he’s been telling people he’s running (for governor) and Perry couldn’t take the chance Abbott could beat him,” a top Texas money man said. “Nobody becomes president who just lost his last race.”

Perry believes he can raise enough money as a former governor to finance a presidential bid despite giving up the huge leverage of incumbency. . . . Read More


One thought on “Texas Gov. Rick Perry Announces He Won’t Seek 4th Term as Governor; Reports Say He is “Passing the Word” He’ll make a 2016 Presidential Run

  1. If he thinks there’s going to be a 2016 election as he envisions it he’s an idiot.

    If there is an election, people like Rick Perry and all his buddies will be watching it from their prison cells.

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