Texas kids proudly show off their kills after the state sponsored ‘Youth Only’ hunting open season

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Texas children relished in the opportunity to hunt game as the state hosted a ‘Youth Only’ open season for ducks, turkey and white-tailed deer.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has open seasons throughout the year for those animals and squirrels.  

Hunting requires a youth hunting license and children that participate in the sessions are required to be under the age of 17, the TPWD states on their website.

Texas does various ‘Youth Only’ sessions throughout the year and already has dates listed for the next year.

In November, ducks can be hunted in the North Zone on the 3rd and the 4th.

Youth hoping to take part in the hunting efforts for water fowl, have to be accompanied by an adult that is 18 years or older.

There are special requirements and bag limits for those hoping to hunt deer.

The TPWD conducts the ‘Youth Only’ sessions in an effort to teach young folks the proper ways to hunt.

It also serves as a way to curb overpopulation of the deer.

Texas Youth Hunting said on Facebook: ‘Thanks to the great support from our partners Texas Wildlife Association and Texas Parks and Wildlife, we are able to offer these safe, legal, ethical, and educational hunts to the youth of this great state!


3 thoughts on “Texas kids proudly show off their kills after the state sponsored ‘Youth Only’ hunting open season

  1. You don’t need a “youth hunting license” to kill a rattlesnake that’s about to bite your little sister (as my son did in the mid-90s), a squirrel eating up your garden, javelinas invading your garden at 3 am, or a mountain lion that is about to eat your cat… Youth hunting license? Seriously?

  2. Come on, People
    Texas isn’t California.
    We’re trying to keep it that way.
    Training the youth in firearms proper firearms handling, accuracy and safety is proactive for future generations.
    It’s better than most states in America.
    It’s a $7 fee.
    Pick your battles.

  3. This is going to sound waaaaay off color
    But it’s a good thing to teach your kids how it feels to kill something
    That way when they really have to take matters into their own hands , it won’t destroy them for life

    Venison…. it’s whats for dinner

    ( and if you don’t like that , go eat what my food shits on )

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