Texas May Start Hoarding Gold…Secession Next?

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

We all know the cliché: ‘Don’t mess with Texas.’Well, a new piece of legislation is being proposed to send that message to Washington, when it comes to protecting Texas’ gold.

A lawmaker has proposed a bill to create a Texas Bullion Depository, which would allow the state and its citizens to store gold bullion in its own facility in Texas, with the protection of the state.  

If passed, the Texas bill would tell Washington to “shove off” under the 10th amendment power given the states, if we ever saw the kind of currency craziness we saw during the Great Depression when President Franklin D. Roosevelt mandated citizens hand over most of their gold.

I’m all for secession.   I think in a true democratic society and government, with majority rule, you can do whatever you want.  That’s democracy in its true essence.  So I say, FREE TEXAS!  If they want to go, let ’em go. -Mort


3 thoughts on “Texas May Start Hoarding Gold…Secession Next?

  1. So I’m curious to know how Texas, or any other state, would seceed while the U.N. is involved in every county in the U.S. under Agenda 21?

    . . .

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