13 thoughts on “Texas Police Officer Threatens to Taser Man For Not Wearing a Mask

  1. Waco, eh? That cop must be a “Branch Covidian”! Bwahahahahahahahahahahah! (With apologies to Russ Winter of WinterWatch).

      1. Good God Almighty.
        Why don’t you people read this site enough to understand who you are talking to before you start commenting?
        To us it is like talking to f-king kindergartners.

  2. Barney Fife does not have right to destroy my health. My body — my choice. Let us know if this guy is fired from the force.

  3. Blue Lives Matter huh? Yeah right. Not saying all cops are bad, but most are just thugs and bullies. I have no respect for them.

    1. Goddamn son of a bitch.
      Cops are corporate enforcers for an unlawful United States Corporation, with subcontractors that used to be the states, counties, and townships.
      Yeah, they are all bad, in fact every goddamn one of them is guilty of sedition and treason just for existing.

  4. Ha!! @2:06, the guy has his hands up over his head and the cop is reporting him in as “still uncooperative.”
    Idiots should carry dictionaries.


  5. I’m a avid supporter of police everywhere, but that is no police officer! That is an idiot with no common sense who will one day dearly cost the city of Waco and for sure their police department. They need to rid themselves of
    that fatality before it happens!

    1. No, you are the f-king idiot. And I’m tired of explaining that which is common knowledge on this site to every one of you who come on here, reads one f-king story, and then jumps on the comment board to show how f-king stupid you are. Take your avid support of the unlawful corporate police and shove it up your ignorant ass. You don’t have a f-king clue of what you are talking about.
      If you want to talk to us without getting a cussing, you better learn who we are and what we know before you open your pie hole.

  6. That dude had a weapon, and instead of shooting that thug in the face, he gets the full bully treatment. Why bother carrying? Is just to scare the stupid? Might as well have had My Little Pony on his belt!!

  7. It wasn’t coincidence that the cop just happened to show up at the store to confront a guy who was open carry and anti mask. There’s no doubt, a cowardly snitch was behind all this.

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