Texas shatters daily record with 10,351 new coronavirus cases

ABC 13

AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) — Worsening coronavirus trends in Texas have again set another grim milestone.

State health officials on Saturday reported 10,351 new COVID-19 cases, setting the record as the highest single-day number since the pandemic. The previous record was on Tuesday with 10,028 cases.

As of Friday, there are 250,462 COVID-19 cases in Texas, with 119,470 of those cases being active. Health officials also added 99 new COVID-19-related deaths, bringing the state’s total to 3,112.

On Thursday, the state also reported 100 deaths in a single day for the first time, making this the deadliest week of the pandemic in what has rapidly become one of America’s coronavirus hot zones.

In addition to 105 new deaths, Texas also reported a new high for hospitalizations for the 10th consecutive day.

In the Rio Grande Valley area, there are only four available ICU beds and 353 available hospital beds.

State officials said 10,083 patients are hospitalized statewide,

The bleak numbers, and uncertainty over when a reversal might come, has hospitals across Texas amplifying calls for more staff and scrambling to make room for new COVID-19 patients filling beds.

The new COVID-19 record comes hours after Gov. Greg Abbott announced that he’s extending the disaster declaration for all Texas counties and bringing additional federal resources to Houston to help combat COVID-19.

Abbott also told local news outlets on Friday that he thinks things will only get worse, and is willing to consider further restrictions if necessary.



9 thoughts on “Texas shatters daily record with 10,351 new coronavirus cases

  1. I know. 100 deaths in one day from coronavirus in just one state. Bullshit! Not even possible. If anything, these are probably deaths from other respiratory problems and categorized as coronavirus, as always.

  2. How many hospitals have CLOSED in the last six months across America?


  3. I would find the title ““Texas shatters daily record with 10,351 new million dollar lottery winners!” more believable.

  4. Sorry, Abbott (and Costello)…your further restrictions won’t work, and many in law enforcement won’t carry them out anyway.

    My take? Abbott cuts this BS when NFL and college football season is upon us and the owners of the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans cajole the guv to completely reopen….these owners want their stadiums at least half-full. To heck with small business owners, workers, and the rest of us…when you have videos not taken down yet by YouTube with health workers stating the hospitals are empty…just how much longer will you “enforce” this BS?

    When everyone in Texas is “tested”? Honey, that ain’t gonna happen! Send those contact tracers to Arkan-cide….just kidding….

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