Texe Marrs is Back

This is the 2nd week’s message since Texe Marrs has resumed his broadcasts after his heart attack. A powerful message, and I think Texe pulls several different threads together to form a clear picture of the Zio-Criminals agenda.

White People Must Be Suppressed, White Privilege Must End  

Liberals who run our colleges and universities agree: white people are evil and must be suppressed. White privilege must be eradicated. Texe quotes professors and other “authorities” who are demanding that blacks and Latinos be given favored treatment and that whites must admit their “guilt.” “Admit your whiteness is a plague,” demands one Ivy League educator. Who’s behind this drive to terrorize white kids and to force them to the back of the bus? Is there a secret agenda being pushed?

7 thoughts on “Texe Marrs is Back


    I believe Texe to be one of THE most knowledgeable researchers on the planet when it comes to the subject of the jews. It was his site (after going full circle BACK to it) that really opened my eyes to their insane deception.

    Praying for a full recovery, and continued health. We need more like him.

  2. The title and description do not present the level of evil Texe exposes in this broadcast – there is a strong presentation of the genocide of white people being pressed for by the insane zio-communists. Well worth the time to listen.

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