That Magical Moment

TL In Exile – by T.L. Davis

It is very simple: the resistance will not be organized. There is no way to get people together on anything at this stage and there aren’t many more stages left.

Obama is “constrained” by the Constitution. He considers that wrong, but we know that constraining people like him is the whole purpose of the Constitution. Of course he feels constrained by it, he is supposed to and so is everyone else in a position of immense power. He is constrained by our rights and so has done everything he can to obliterate them.  

We have sat around and moaned about it, planned, prepared and little else. I don’t know about anyone else. All I know is that if something is going to get done, it will have to be done alone. One person doing a remarkable thing is how it must happen.

The rights they are bargaining with are mine and mine alone. If someone else’s rights are violated, it doesn’t bother me that much. Yet, when I fight for mine, I fight for everyone’s.

This is not the last of it, it will only get worse and worse. They will take more and more individual rights until the only rights left will be those of the state.

That is where it stands right now. It will take some magical moment to the get the great wave of public sentiment on the side of individual rights again. I don’t know what produces that magical moment. If I did, I would do it.

It is time to fight back. I am not a leader or I would lead others. All I have ever been able to do is lead myself and that is exactly what I am doing now.

5 thoughts on “That Magical Moment

  1. The supreme court or congress are the only people who can right the wrongs. Congress has the power to over ride any veto. I don’t why they nor the supreme court are letting all this transpire without reigning in the unchecked abuses of power. As for an organized resistance?. Isn’t that what the gun rights groups are doing now?. And the protests in NYC over the drone program?. Let’s see what ultimately results from this as the petitions and e-mails to our states senators on gun rights, has been met with a deaf ear. It seems those who are against guns, are for the NWO.

    1. John, one of the problems we’re having is that the Supreme Court and congress REFUSE to right the wrongs, and they won’t allow any candidates that might. We the people only have ourselves to rely on now. Get used to it. NOBODY in Washington D.C. can or even wants to help us.

    2. You state you dont know why scotus wont fix this problem??? are you serious???
      THEY are PART of the problem. only a bloody and extensive and complete rout out of the whole political structure here in the u.s. will amend and start the change back to or into a new republic. the cancer of corruption has completely taken over the political and moral-ethical conscience of those who are the power-elite. the good book said: in the end times, even the elite will be induced of strong dillusion, just like the sabbateans of Jesus time, we have the same saboteurs in our political houses now. the tree of liberty is thirsty for the blood of the tryants. inshAllah.

  2. It’s best that the resistance isn’t organized, because if it were, it would be subverted, attacked, and the participants arrested.

    The only organization we need is for you to round up a few of your friends and turn them into a small fighting unit, stay informed as to unfolding events, and be ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

    When things start erupting in various parts of the country, the tyrannical forces will simply not have much manpower to deal with uprisings in any one location, so a small band is probably all you’ll need.

    There may be a strong force sent to one or two areas, and they’ll be decimated if there’s a general uprising there, but they simply do not have the means of subduing the entire country at once. When things get started, awaken your neighbors like Paul Revere did. They might be able to ignore politics now, but they won’t be able to ignore an internal war in progress.

  3. Buffalo Springfield had it right…

    What a field-day for the heat
    A thousand people in the street
    Singing songs and carrying signs
    Mostly say, hooray for our side
    It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down

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