The 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Movement Is Growing Quickly


Jan 3, 2020

Many of you probably have heard of the second amendment sanctuary movement, which consists of municipalities and counties across the U.S. passing resolutions pledging not to enforce additional gun control measures infringing upon the right to bear arms.

The current movement traces its origins back to Effingham County in southern Illinois, which passed a resolution in April 2018 calling the county a second amendment “sanctuary”, essentially a vow to ignore gun control legislation proposed by Illinois state lawmakers.

This particular tactic gained traction not just within Illinois, where 67 of 102 counties have now passed similar resolutions, but throughout the country.

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3 thoughts on “The 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Movement Is Growing Quickly

  1. Says, “In all reality, the states should be holding the power.”
    I wonder if Dahboo ever heard of the individual? Hmmm…


  2. Counteracting like forming “2A sanctuaries” recognizes and empowers their lack of authority.

    Unalienable Rights are not requested, applied for, debated over nor open for discussion.

    The end.

    They should throw them off guard by all assembling armed in dc if they thought the peaceful approach was even an option.

    We’re WAAAAY beyond that, so save your protesting breath for target reacquisition.

    THAT’S where we’re at.

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