The American Nationals for the united States of the Americas response to the United States Corporation’s Pledge of $10.6 Billion to Aid the Invasion into our Country

Let’s see now, the three-faced con man, Donald Trump, declared $5 billion would be spent on the wall he promised the people.  He is now going to take the people’s wealth that is stolen from them through an act of treason and give $4.8 billion to Mexico so they can afford to aid the caravans coming from Central America, of which by the way, we are sending $5.8 billion to aid in the organizations of the caravans that are not going to stop coming.  

This is the United States Corporation, the Mexican Corporation, the Guatemalan Corporation, the Honduran Corporation, the El Salvadorean Corporation, the Chinese Corporation, the Indian Corporation, and every other corporate aristocracy composing the World Trade Organization, working under the direction of the Zionist Jew Criminal Cabal to remove the Bill of Rights from the American people to facilitate our subjugation and slavery under a world corporate oligarchy, wherein all but the top 5% are considered human property, hence human resource.  And as there is a glut of human resource on the world market, the corp is holding property that they can’t use and that is a drain on the corporate profit.

The American nationals will get exactly what they deserve, which will depend on their conduct in defending their absolute right, their natural right to be free individuals with the capacity to own allodial property, protected absolutely by the common law, which is the supreme authority of the people for our country that belongs to us.

If we allow ourselves to be taken out by a pack of perverts and pedophiles with their only tool being mammon, we are indeed a sorry lot.

I think the people in that 75% need to put down those phones and those ipads that they sit and watch stupid f-king videos of people crashing on skateboards, playing in the mud with their 4 wheelers, and another million meaningless acts, and start doing some f-king reading, because within the 75% our biggest problem is wanton ignorance.

Your average person will tell you that they hate the f-king government.  They have armed themselves well and are just sitting there waiting for somebody to tell them what to do.  And those who would like to step up and tell them what to do are right there a-waiting.

The only way we win this war is when the charter for the united States of the Americas is surrendered to the common law jurisdiction of the American nationals,  Otherwise, we just fought for some other mother f-ker to take control of what we bled for as individuals.

We will be a mighty force the day we all understand as individuals exactly what we are fighting for.  This way we know any variation away from that goal is an attempt to hijack the cause, and that cause is our common law Bill of Rights enforced as the absolute law it was intended, without exception and any notion to the contrary declared the sedition that it is.

The Bill of Rights is the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

10 thoughts on “The American Nationals for the united States of the Americas response to the United States Corporation’s Pledge of $10.6 Billion to Aid the Invasion into our Country

  1. Well of course! They’ll never build that simple $5 billion dollar wall because that would completely ruin their plans for a New World Order and a North American Union.

  2. A clarion decree. Possibly presided over by the ghost of Patrick Henry. Herein is a way out. And in this decree: REFUSAL, a refusal of “subjugation and slavery.” Would any thinking individual not want to refuse those?!!

    Compliments are funny things, and should never be doled out lightly. But Henry, I fully compliment you on this succinct treatise conveying the urgency of our challenges. I want to be part of that “mighty force” that secures our rights.

    I want to say thank you, but I can’t make it strong enough, for day-after-day, I stand in awe of your knowledge, wisdom, and commitment. I feel very blessed that my road led me to learn from you. Thank you, Henry!!


  3. Paragraph 3 is telling, especially since we did indeed attempt to claim allodial title to our land…but in an Admiralty court, which means “no allodial title for you!” Wanton ignorance is a huge problem, and I simply pray wanton COWARDICE does not go with it! Another great one, Henry!

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