The American People Continue to Arm and Organize in the Face of Insurgent Anti-Gun Propaganda

The international socialist insurgents within the US government have just made another large purchase of ammunition.  The Department of Homeland Security has just put in an order for 9.766 million rounds.

Following the staged false flag in Aurora, Colorado the communist propaganda was centered on James Holmes’ purchases of firearms and online purchases of ammunition, body armor, a gas mask, and smoke grenades, all legal purchases.  The insurgents immediately began pushing to monitor online sales of ammunition; saying that no one purchases 6000 rounds for legitimate purposes and those who are making these large purchases must be intending to massacre Americans.  (Would this include purchases made by the government?)

We the American people know that 6000 rounds is not a large amount to an enthusiast that enjoys practicing the art of accurate shooting, or just burning ammunition for the enjoyment of it.

Of course the socialist gun grabbers next began pushing legislation to not only identify purchasers of any and all ammunition, but also to ban high capacity magazines.

The insurgents have foreign military units (Zeta Drug Cartel) within the United States, armed with fully automatic weapons with high capacity clips who are intent on presenting themselves with an advantage when this conflict begins in earnest.  The high capacity clips in the hands of the American patriots are a necessary tool as they bolster firepower in a fire fight.

The gun grabbers also threw in their antiquated slogan, “You do not need assault rifles, high capacity clips, and thousands of rounds of ammunition to go hunting.”  Well I guess that would depend on what, or better yet who, you are hunting.

We the American people have been purchasing and continue to purchase millions upon millions of firearms every month along with the ammunition necessary for their intended purpose.  These millions of guns are not being bought to hunt elk and deer, they are liberty arms.  The American people are awakened and see the danger that confronts them.  Does anyone out there doubt that we would not already be enslaved if it were not for our firearms?

I have noticed that just within 8 days of the Wisconsin false flag and 24 days of the Colorado false flag, the anti-gun propaganda in the mainstream has been all but completely shut down.  That is not to say that the communist sleaze weasels are not working frantically behind the scenes to disarm the American people in prelude to slavery.  But why have they shut up?  Well because sales of guns and ammunition are increasing in the face of the propaganda as we the people are now very aware of the insurgents’ agenda.

It is like the attempts last year to demonize the American militias.  The mainstream propagandists, rather than accomplishing their desired effect, were overwhelmed with calls from people wanting to know how to contact the militias. This episode reached the point that the operators were telling those inquiring that they were not an answering service for the militias.

I have always wondered what it would look like when the sleeping giant truly awoke and came to his feet.  And now I know.

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