The American Savage Resurrected

Well the Mississippi River is running dry.  As the drought destroys more crops, the price of corn, wheat, and other grains is heading up at an alarming rate.  Cattle ranchers are slaughtering their herds earlier to keep from having to purchase more feed at higher prices.  And even at that the price of beef is slated to go up 6% according to the mainstream propaganda, and we all know how these government agencies are when reporting numbers.  6% is more than likely to be 20% when you add in the additional cost of shipping due to rising diesel prices, which will be blamed on the lack of corn to make ethanol, which of course is an unnecessary fuel additive.

It is the plan of the corporate elite to begin the final crash of our economy right after the 2012 presidential election.  An invasion into Iran and QE3 should be enough to procure the theft of the $16 trillion Americans still have in personal savings and the $3 trillion in the Social Security account.

Then they can let the famine set in.  This should be enough to bring the American people around.  We will beg them to work all day for a loaf of bread….not.

These international psychos are delusional.  They are expecting Americans to accept genocide upon their persons without raising a finger.  The fact is we Americans are notorious for selling our lives quite dearly.  And when we get into full swing, the only way we can accept our end is if we take ten of the enemy with us.

The elitists know this.  They have seen we Americans fight many times over the centuries, the worst slaughters being when we fought with one another.  But this time around we are far too educated to allow that to happen.

So I guess all they have to do is find a couple hundred million foreigners willing to throw on the UN blue and come to America to sacrifice their lives in the attempt to conquer us, which again, will never happen.

Our bloodlines come from our colonial founders, along with the native and slave population.  We brought this entire continent under our control, using whatever brutality was necessary at the time.  They are misjudging us.  Though we have become Christianized, at our cores, we are still savages and the international elite are about to find out just how savage we can become when provoked.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “The American Savage Resurrected

  1. I’ve said for awhile that the gov is making a big mistake in thinking that we will go quietly into the night.We will go into the night but they will find it is a place that they should not have ventured into.They will find it is a place that the enemy is determined and willing to sacrifice his life for the freedom of life.No enemy is stronger than one that has nothing to loose.With all freedoms gone i would say we would have nothing to loose.Beware of that citizen because even a mother bear protecting her cubs is not that forbibbing.

  2. What you say Mr. Shivley will be assured IF AND ONLY IF the “rednecks”, “hillbillies”, “white trash” and the rest of us Scots-Irish (read Senator Jim Webb’s book “Born Fighting”) recognize who the TRUE OPPRESSOR is–the bankster oligarch elites, NOT blacks (read n word here), not “wetbacks,” not liberals, not gays, not Ay-rabs, not feminists, not “spics” or anyone else these Appalachian folks think they are “superior” to, and stop considering ignorance a badge of honor. Sorry, but the stereotypical Appalachian Scots-Irish redneck is a trusim, not just a stereotype (and even the late great Joe Bageant said so, so I ain’t just making this up okay?).

    When these rednecks finally wise up with everyone else, I WOULD NOT WANT TO BE A MEMBER OF THE CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATH ELITES!!!

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