The AR-15, you don’t need one and they are too dangerous to own

ar15Daily Caller – by Jorge Amselle

Sadly, so called “assault rifles” are getting a lot of negative press lately and are being subjected to a great deal of misinformation. This is not just coming from the usual anti-gun crowd, whom one would expect to lack knowledge about firearms and how they function, but also from supposedly knowledgeable gun owners and hunters, some of whom favor “reasonable” controls on firearms freedoms. Here are a few of the fallacies.

Why do you need that?

I need an AR primarily for self defense. Could I use another gun for self defense? Of course I could and the AR may not be the best firearm to use in all defensive situations. I could use a shotgun or a pistol, I could use a baseball bat or a knife, I could use a tennis racket, a golf club, my bare hands, or I could just try playing possum.

It is not a question of what I use to defend myself but my right and desire to have the best possible tool for the job at my disposal. I want a semi-automatic rifle with an adequate capacity magazine for the same reason the police want them; to be able to quickly and accurately engage multiple assailants should the need arise.

The caliber is too weak to use for hunting. 

The AR is traditionally chambered in the 5.56x45mm NATO (interchangeable with the .223 Remington caliber) cartridge. The U.S. Military has been using this round as their primary rifle caliber for 50 years, through many wars and other interventions. If it was not effective we would not still have it. As with any firearm, the weight and type of bullet can be easily changed to deliver better performance and while not all loadings may be ideal for hunting, many are used on deer, feral hogs, coyote, and other game animals.

That does not even include the fact that the AR is the single most versatile rifle available. It can be converted to a muzzle loader for black powder, a crossbow for archery hunting, an air rifle, and can be adapted to fire over a dozen different rifle and pistol calibers. The design makes it easy to install optics and scopes, the collapsible stock allows the length to be adjusted so different statured shooters can comfortably use the same rifle. All of these features are why it is so popular.

It is not suitable for home defense. 

Some have argued that a 5.56mm AR is bad for home defense because the round will over penetrate and pass through walls, endangering other occupants or neighbors. Tell that to police SWAT team that are increasingly switching from 9mm (pistol caliber) sub-machineguns to 5.56mm ARs exactly because they over penetrate less than the 9mm especially with proper ammunition selection. If over penetration is a serious concern then use a shotgun with bird shot. At close ranges this can be extremely effective. Others argue that a long gun is too unwieldy for home defense and going around corners. Ironically a shotgun has long been considered an ideal home defense firearm, not to mention that “hunting down” home intruders is not really advisable anyways. Better to barricade yourself and call the police.

These guns are too dangerous for people to own. 

Ignoring the fact that semi-automatic rifles are used to commit only a tiny fraction of all gun crimes and that gun crimes overall have been declining for the past 20 years, the AR and other similar rifles are no more dangerous than any other firearm. The AR is semi-automatic and fires once each time the trigger is depressed, like a double-action revolver, or any pistol, or many other rifles and shotguns.

If you believe that the AR is too dangerous to own then there is no rational limit to what firearms you will find too dangerous next. Politicians have attacked firearms as too dangerous because they are too small and easy to conceal, too cheap and easy for poor people to buy, too accurate and usable and sniper weapons, too powerful and usable against vehicles. The list of “too dangerous” can easily be expanded to cover most any firearm and making every firearm “too dangerous” is exactly the real agenda.


Jorge Amselle is a certified firearms instructor and writer covering all aspects of the industry from military and law enforcement firearms and training to the shooting sports. His youtube channel

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31 thoughts on “The AR-15, you don’t need one and they are too dangerous to own

  1. Unless you already own one, or have deep pockets, forget the AR 15.
    At the gun show Saturday (and yesterday) they were going for 15,000 for one, or 20,000 for two. I settled for a Saiga .308 semi. More stopping power anyway.


    1. Geeze #1, for 15 – 20,000$ a guy could very easly get 5 – 10 acres of land around here in W.central Wi. You know what I mean #1 – you get your homestead way out in the country and that is a big start to get something going. Self sufficiency, ya know. for the price of one of those guns, I think I would save money on rent, hunt my own food pretty much and be private and quiet, ya know . Still associate but only with well known friends.

      1. digger, even if I had that kind of money to spend on one, I wouldn’t. First off, they’re overrated, and secondly, I can’t stand dealers who take advantage of the kind of situation we’re currently facing, by charging ten times the fair market value.

          1. Wrong attitude, buddy.

            We’re all in this together, and we need all the patriots as well armed as possible to take back this country of ours from this communist so-called ‘government’.

            That “whatever the market will bear” bullsh#t comes straight out of the Illuminati playbook, and has no place here.

      1. Yes I did, Smilardog, but the type of survival knives they’re selling I already have. I was thinking more along the lines of the type with different attachments that flip out, you know, like a Swiss Army knife.

        1. Those Harbor Freight Bowies are pretty nice for $9. I am thinking to buy a couple here and there till i have about 20 or so. At that price, when SHTF and people with no weapons at all are needing something, anything for protection they will make great barter, or just to have around. This thing that is coming to American i thinks will last 20 or more years. These will be known as the good old days right now. I see a Mad Max – Book of Eli world ahead for us. At least for our lifetimes. I have a feeling also, that no matter what happens, we are going to have a grid-down senario almost immediatly to try and get along in. For the price of those knives they will be priceless someday, to someone.

          1. Harbor Freight does have some good deals . I might have to go check them out – haven`t been there for a while now and now you got me thinking `bout them again, thanxs Smilardog I will be checking them out myself next time I am in Eau Claire.

    2. Actually, they are partially correct. You don’t need an AR15. It’s junk. It has NO knockdown power. I carried one in Vietnam. I prefered an AK47 if I could get my hands on one(plus ammo). The AR is a varmit gun. Just a hair over a .22. They are also proned to jam.(Had it happen a bunch). Get any .762,30-06, 308, 708…anything but an AR15. The military first introduced the M-16 in Vietnam in the 50s thru “advisers”. They pumped up the resuls to make it look like a super weapon. It wasn’t. What it was was CHEAP. A little over $100 even when I was in,1970. Ammo was a lot cheaper than an M-14(damn good gun). Typical Pentagon, doing it on the cheap.

    3. Geez, #1. For $15,000 you can buy one of them new sniper rifles that’s computerized and does all of the targeting for you in seconds and all you have to do is pull the trigger. Screw the AR. lol

      1. Actually, NC, he said 15 for one, and 2 for 20. Now, most people, when talking hundreds, won’t use the term 20, they’ll just say 2,000. He may very well have meant 2,000, but I wasn’t really interested in an AR anyway, so I didn’t ask him to elaborate.

  2. The biggest reason that NATO adopted the 5.56x45mm round was for it’s lightweight. Each soldier can carry more ammunition. The second reason for standardizing is interchangeability. We all use the same calibre. In close quarter firefights it is not a first choice weapon, that honor surely goes to the good old reliable shotgun. Not much training is required to use one. As they say in commercials for cameras “just point and click”. It is an area weapon and with the right loads you can hit multiple targets with one round if you are far enough back (against a far wall as a door opens). A perfect all round home defence 12 gauge is a Mossberg ATP pistol grip, no stock, 6 round tube magazine. It has a front bead sight but hey anyone worth their salt with one of these fine weapons always shoots from the hip. It is easy to handle and with very little practice you can become quite adept with this little gem. I bought one 20 years ago for a mere $250.00 Canadian. They are still really reasonable. I cut and resewed the carry strap into a shoulder harness an old holster strapped below the knee for bushtime when I was building a cabin in bear country. One push down on the pistolgrip and she pops right up to firing position. Reloading is also dirtcheap. 12 ga. slugs are also very good at stopping vehicles.

  3. Ya just bought some 3″ 00’Buck with 15 pellets per shell. Now tell me what can cause more damage in 10 secs within a 15-20 yard radius? An AR15 or a shotgun? 6 shots from the shotgun will put out 90 projectiles. And these idiots plan on using pictures to identify their so called ‘assault weapons’. F#@king morons

        1. Did you notice that one of the guns they’re trying to ban is the Saiga 12 guage? I’m bettin’ they’re talking about the semi with the 20 round drum.

          Sure like to have one of those.

          Think slugs.

  4. The federal government:Outside of the powers bestowed upon it by the Constitution,which at my last count were four in number,would tend to indicate that outside their intended purpose are too dangerous to run amok on a free society.And since all societies should be free it is my considered opinion that nobody needs a federal government for any reasons other than than to protect the individual from plunder. Since government is the natural enemy of man it tends to engage in the very plunder it was invented to protect the society which installed it from.In summation these are the truths of the matter.Outside the defense of the individual we don’t need a federal government and they are far too dangerous to own.For we shall find ourselves owned by the government regardless of anyone’s intentions,altruistic or otherwise.

  5. the only reason for the ban and the talk down on the AR is for political purposes and control. pistols murders alot more people than AR. Also the executive orders would have done nothing to prevent the Sandy hook shooting. the boy stole the gun from his mom. And the boy didn’t even have the AR-15 in the school. it was in the trunk. the Law enforcement said it was a shot gun. the video of the police officer taking the gun out of the car opened the chamber like you would a AR.

    1. Didn’t Lanza die the day before the shooting and his mom died the day after, even though he supposedly killed the kids the next day, as well as his mom? I’m just as confused as everyone else. Maybe it was his ghost or some paranormal activity. lol

      1. Since he hasn’t been seen or heard from in three years by anyone who actually knew him, it must have been a ghost op.

  6. U guy are cool, wished i lived closer. My friend & i went to local gun store about 2 months ago my friend wanted a small carrey pistol. The dealer siad he did not have what he wanted, but when he got one in he would call. He siad it would be about 4 hundred + tax. well he called last week he got one in stock. we called & asked how much out the door? he responded 7 hundred + tax. I E mailed back asking if he could get closer to 5. he responded, he siad he could not & went on to tell me thats what other dealers are getting & if peaple are paying why not. we wont be shopping there anymore. not cool. thats all i got now thanks. scooter

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