7 thoughts on “The army is now meeting us to fill out forms when we land in NYC

  1. “I already had COVID, so I’m immune.”

    That won’t stop the insane lunatics from making you wear a mask.

    Here are some of the responses when I tried that excuse:

    “You can still give it to someone else.”

    “You could still be a carrier and not know it.”

    “You may not get infected but you might get others infected.”

    “It’s required by law, whether you have/had it or not.”

  2. Another ugly and pompous face of the invasion, the overtake. I hope we get more footage of this, this monstrosity feigning authority.


  3. The accent was the first thing I noticed .. This is only the beginning .. these f!@ks are probably part of the UN which is already here .. Lets remember, if you haven’t been keeping up with my reports .. Trump, when signing his BS trade deal .. the USMCA: handed over all sovereignty of the USA to the UN .. That is why we are seeing all of the shit we are seeing.

  4. I wonder how they would react if you asked them their full names
    And when they asked why
    You replied
    For my list of tyrants and traitors for when this war goes hot

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