The AUS psychopath speaks

September 9th, 2021.

Wow… she basically tells you,
being double quaxxed will only give u a few crumbs of freedom…
That can be taken away at any moment.

This is what happens when an entire nation fall for tv lies and loses common sense in place of collective fear.
You end up in a hostage situation.

“Take our untested, ineffective medical injection or you will no longer be able to work, shop or participate in the economy.”

6 thoughts on “The AUS psychopath speaks

  1. It will be a great day when we get to see this psycho maggot NWO minion along with the rest of them around this planet get wasted and annihilated or just plain strung up on the nearest tree or lamp post…!

    They really are begging for it aren’t they…the sheep buy it all and line up as ordered.. those whom shall free this world and our country are getting ready for the war of a lifetime…

    May ALL the enforcers who intend to do their dirty work for them from LEOs to Active duty Army cunts also be ready to die for these NWO scum…

    Remember all the suits…..!

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