The Best “2nd Amendment” Resolution By Far…So Far?

Tenth Amendment Center

Streamed live 7 hours ago

Well-crafted non-binding resolutions can play an important part in a strategy to stand for liberty on virtually any issue. On this episode, Michael Boldin will talk about some of the core principles that make up a “well-crafted resolution,” and share what he sees as the best model “2nd Amendment” resolution available to date. By a mile.

8 thoughts on “The Best “2nd Amendment” Resolution By Far…So Far?


    The original is clear and ABSOLUTE, so redundancy is not necessary.

    ENFORCEMENT is the next step, not legalese or joo-speak. That’s THEIR game to get what they want while providing lip service, stop gaps and gate-keeping.

    ”The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,” and that includes former jag/litigation attorneys who think it’s even open for discussion. They should have their tongues cut out just for implying such a thing. Damn shylocks!!!!

    The Second Article is already CRYSTAL MF’G CLEAR.

    She even believes chump wants to rein in the federal reserve…

    I think Brian may be taking notes, Henry. I prefer the OG style you deliver though ­čÖé :

    1. great link…. he has a lot of subscribers and as of yesterday over 22K have heard him speak of the BoR as Supreme Law !

  2. Stop violating the absolute law or I will tell you to stop violating the law again, from further away and with less authority, and goddamn it, I mean it! I will be saying stop violating my absolute right, as I resist by saying stop violating my absolute right as I am acquiescing to the violation.
    This fairy f-ker is a stateÔÇÖs rights libertarian who couldn’t whip the wind with a fistful of hammers and will never pick up arms to enforce that absolute law, but I’m sure he is making good money on his bullshit inferior let’s have some old attorney register our stop violating our rights in the private law for the private corporation who are using this whole sanctuary bullshit of a smokescreen as they write their own resolutions, attacking superior law.
    The enemy has made it clear. They have a standing army and they have no problem killing us for attempting to enforce our rights with our words. We will fight these mother f-kers viciously with every weapon we have and destroy them or they will enslave and destroy us.
    This resolution shit is just allowing them time to entrench and study us to see who will fight and who will beg. So keep begging. Your failure to step up to your duty to fight is being noted, and you can shove your state fraudulent corporate authority right up your ass with your federal corporate authority.
    The federal Constitution, the state constitution, and the county and municipal charters have been usurped. The only authority left is that of we the people, and we do not need the state’s corporate permission, no more than we need the federal corporate permission to destroy both, for sedition and treason in violating our absolute supreme law, which needs no stamp of approval from any corporate entity or state actor.

    1. This clown says resolutions are non binding? Why waste your fkg time,he calls them a starting point? The starting point has already been put down, it’s called the 2nd amendment, I can only listen to about 45 seconds of this bullshit.

      These actors love to hear themselves talk, complete waste of everybody’s time.

      The 2nd is one sentence long, with a period at the end.

    2. Thanks, Henry. NO MORE BEGGING!!! Used to be the litmus test was who reported that Mossad and US did 9/11 and who didn’t. Then it moved to who is Jew-wise and who isn’t. Now it’s moved to who is readying to fight and who is still playing tiddlywinks with the state.


  3. My biggest frustration is the claim to stand for the “2nd Amendment”. The 2nd Article of the 1st Amendment is the right to keep and bear arms. The fact that so many still refer to it as the “2nd Amendment” is horrible. We all need to make a stand and correct the misused term every time we hear it.

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