The Border – BUM RUSH – Tijuana US – Port of Entry

BitChute by Wardo Rants

First published at 01:44 UTC on November 27th, 2018.

BREAKING: Border invaders, Bum Rush the US Mexico Border at San Ysidro, California / Tijuana, Mexico crossing. Testing the weaknesses of US Border Patrol and Military and finding openings in a weak wall.


3 thoughts on “The Border – BUM RUSH – Tijuana US – Port of Entry

  1. I said this over a week ago here that small numbers of fence jumper would look for the weak point to get in the the rest would test an do the same

    1. True they are growing poppies in Afghanistan, and true that Trump lied (lying is call he is capable of, right?), but why would Trump put troops in the border? To KEEP US IN, maybe? To shoot to kill any American who tried to keep these caravaners out and off their land? to shoot a far west Texas rancher who protects his ranch from caravaners? A reminder, until the Bill of Rights is completely restored to full affect/effect, that the UG govt. and military as well is to BETRAY and DESTROY WE the PEOPLE (whom to them are “useless eaters”).

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