The Broken Immigration System

The powers that be are hard at work in their attempt to legitimatize the foreign invasion into the United States being labeled as illegal immigration.  What fools the regimes of the past have been in instituting military invasions into other countries, which are condemned, and rightfully so, as the open aggression they represent.

What if Hitler, instead of invading Poland and France, would have simply sent his forces unarmed and in plain clothes into these other countries as refugees from the failed German economy?  And then once they had established themselves, they could have simply voted in German rule.  But then that would have never happened as no country wishing to remain sovereign would allow an unarmed insurgency to cross their border.  

That is not until the United States.  In order to accomplish such an invasion, traitors from within have aided the communist insurgents in gaining control of the offices and mechanisms designed to protect our borders from an unarmed invasion.

The insurgents, having gained control over our highest seats of power, simply refuse to enforce our immigration laws and secure our borders.  And then, as the system fails through the lack of enforcement, it is declared broken.  But what exactly is broken?  That is right, the enforcement mechanism.  It is not because enforcement cannot be accomplished, but rather because the enforcers have been ordered not to enforce.

For the expenditure of $60 billion the invaders can be removed and another $60 billion would absolutely seal our borders.  (Do not forget, we have been handing over $85 billion per month to the banksters since last August via QE 3 and QE4) But the expenditure of $120 billion to guard our nation and stop this invasion just cannot be acquired.  So we will instead spend $16 trillion in accommodating the invasion.

Of course this will all be accomplished under the guise of fixing the ‘broken’ system.  Then when these new fixes do not work because the laws will not be enforced, we will declare that another fix is necessary as more and more foreign nationals from around the world poor into our country to rob us of our heritage and assist in bringing us to slavery.  This as people like Mike Huckabee look at us and say with a straight face that it is our Christian duty to surrender to the insurgency and allow ourselves to be brought into a condition of slavery.

This government insurgency is not going to enforce any law adverse to the destruction of our sovereignty and the implementation of the North American Union and international slavery.

We the people must let the insurgents know that we see them for exactly what they are.  And no matter what they do, when this war goes hot, we are going to remove every one that has come here outside of our law and all amnesties, past and future will be declared null and void as they are a direct consequence of wonton acts of treason.

We must drive the invaders out and make no mistake; there will be cries of ethnic cleansing when we do.  This is communism 101.  Break into someone’s house in violation of the law and then arrest the homeowner for physically ejecting the perpetrator, declaring the perpetrator to have a right to violate the homeowner’s security over his property.

Take note of the traitors that vote for this unconstitutional amnesty as they are going to be sent to those countries they have advocated for, never to return.

I guess the final question is, had our immigration laws been enforced with the same attitude of zero tolerance to violation as is the corporate seatbelt law, would there be a problem?  Would the system be broke?

6 thoughts on “The Broken Immigration System

  1. The immigration system is working fine if your goal is to destroy a nation, dilute its culture, and cause internal strife. (don’t expect it to be fixed anytime soon)

  2. If the US were still a sovereign nation with a representative form of government constrained from mischief by an ironclad constitution, vigilant press, and an informed public, I would agree with everything the author has said here about immigration. But the US is none of those things. We traded our sovereignty long ago to international banks and corporations for the empty promise of peace, prosperity, and a huge flat screen TV in every home. The legal fiction of “sovereign nation” is dead. We have banks and corporations, period. They own us, they own the ‘governments’, and they control the lion share of wealth. So if millions of brown people are walking across our southern border each year, you can be certain the banks and corporations had a hand in the political climate which encouraged it, because they stand to make a healthy profit off the entire twisted fiasco.

  3. As an aside, if folks are going to refer to the constitution, federal government, and immigration as somehow inter-related, it may be time to review that that once august and noble document. Nowhere did the ratification of the US constitution give Washington authority over who lives, works, or resides in any of the various states. That power remains where it has since the founding of this country: with the states themselves. Probably one person in thousands is aware of this fact today, and none of them work in Washington, DC.

  4. Nothing wrong with immigration laws; when you have a bunch of “do-nothings” when it comes to enforcement, you got problems. Write, re-write, enact, pass & sh!t….if you don’t enforce, all the words are just delusions in the mind. If you got bad laws, buck-up & fix them. The current immigration fiasco is nothing but another voter redistricting scam. Making criminal activity legal appears to be the “vogue” (another delusion).

    1. Oh yea BentSpear, they will make all of these laws and not enforce them because they knew that when they made these so called laws that they would not be enforceable because they say they do not have the money to enforce those so called laws. Then ya got obama taking all of these vacation/trips and throwing all of them fancy parties. They say it is neccessary to establish relations with other countries to establish good relations. These immigration laws along with these other laws are made so that these politicions can sit down and party and go on their extravagant vacations with their comrades and then say they were working out the problems with the system that isn`t working.

      1. Yup, digger. They seem to have no problem enforcing antique laws pertaining to new medical discoveries or doing beat-downs on a citizen for asserting their Constitutional Rights. Revenue gathering at it’s finest. Club Debauchery has been around for a long time for these Elitist pr!cks.

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