The CEO Of Starbucks Just Issued THIS Stern Warning For Those Who Support Traditional Marriage…

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During the annual Starbucks shareholder meeting, CEO Howard Shultz sent a message to everyone who buys coffee at the large chain. If you support traditional marriage over gay marriage, Starbucks doesn’t want your business.

Because Starbucks aims to “embrace diversity of all kinds,” Shultz told a specific shareholder, who supports traditional marriage, he should sell his shares and go to another company.  

A Forbes report stated that Shultz seemed extremely intolerant of any shareholder who opposed gay marriage.

During the meeting, Tom Strobhar, founder of the Corporate Morality Action Center and Starbucks shareholder, pointed out that when Starbucks backed gay marriage in Washington State, traditional marriage supports boycotted the coffee store and sales venues dropped.

When Strobhar mentioned the facts, Schultz responded by telling him to sell his shares and invest in another company.

13 thoughts on “The CEO Of Starbucks Just Issued THIS Stern Warning For Those Who Support Traditional Marriage…

  1. CEO Howard Shultz is a destroyer of families! I’ve never stopped at Starbucks anyway! I mostly make my own and take it with. Take that………..BUTT PIRATE!!

  2. I hope this tanks this company
    There arnt enough gays to support this company ,and all of us hetero just got discriminated against
    I’m sure plenty of brainwashed will still partake
    And out of stupidity that’s fine , I never wasted a dime there , but hope this caves this company and their inferior products

  3. I have this warning for those who support traditional coffee:

    Starbucks sells burnt mud for $4 per cup, and you’d have to be an idiot to buy it, when you can get good coffee for $1 per cup.

    If you’ve already acquired a taste for the filth, you can make it at home with a coffee peculator, and Arabica beans, for about 25 cents per cup.

    Then of course, there’s the stigma that’s attached to being seen in a yuppie (commie) establishment like Starbucks, which identifies you as one of the brainwashed minions of corporate fascism.

    I have a stern warning for Starbucks, and their shareholders: Your commie coffee company is going down the tubes soon, because Americans do not want homosexuality forced down their throats.

    1. word. Only purchased coffee there, when it was for someone else. Personally, i prefer a cup of Maxwell House. And it’s not even close.

      overall, i don’t know of a more value-less company/product offering, then Starbucks.


  4. I’ve had their products before, and long ago actually visited the place on occasion. (maybe once a year on average) I always thought that their stuff was too pricey, as there are alternative places to get a decent cup…particularly when ‘on the go’.

    They can certainly kiss my ass, now.

  5. And the WHORE OF BABYLON continues its propaganda campaigns to destroy America and turning it into Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Hope they burn in Hell for all eternity.

  6. Anyone who supports BDS has stopped giving StarofDavidSucks any of their money for years. This is just another reason to pass.

  7. Psychology professor Kevin MacDonald has written some excellent essays and books on the likely reasons why so many Jews like this Starbucks CEO are so vehemently supportive of leftist social movements such as gay marriage, open immigration, forced ethnic diversity, radical feminism, and gun control. These movements are typically spearheaded by Jews, though non-Jewish spokesmen are often their public face. I highly recommend that others do a search for MacDonald’s writings, which extensively cite Jewish source material directly.

    Even the neoconservatism that hijacked the Republican Party after 9/11 is essentially a Jewish movement. The intent of the neocons was to focus the GOP and mainstream conservatism on constantly waging wars against Muslim countries. The pretext was “fighting terrorism,” but the ulterior motive was to benefit Israel at US expense in blood and treasure.

    Look at how all the chief architects of the Iraq invasion were Jews with strong ties to Israel: Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Shulsky, et al. Try a web search for the article titled “White Man’s Burden” in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz — even there it’s admitted that the Iraq invasion was plotted primarily by Jews. And I sure hope that no one here isn’t already familiar with the notorious PNAC and its “Clean Break” paper.

    The problem isn’t Jews per se, but Jewish supremacists, i.e., Zionists. These people believe that Jews are the Master Race, and some of them have said so openly (e.g., Rabbi Ovadia Yosef). They’ve gained a stranglehold on the US government, media, academia, and financial institutions. They’ve been increasingly working their influence into the law enforcement sector as well, often by sponsoring trips to Israel for US police officials so they can be “trained” by their Israeli counterparts.

    It’s baffling that so many Americans continue to be willfully blind to all this, and even get hostile when the clear proof of it pointed out to them.

  8. The symbol of the two tailed mermaid/siren is telling enough.
    Search “starbucks original logo” in your favorite image search.

    You get th e two-tailed mermaid:

    melusine/melusina/medusa/lilith…aka venus in duality.


    Lilith is one of the most prevalent identities in human culture. She dates back as far as 2000 years B.C. as depicted in the Sumerian bas-relief below. In other depictions Lilith is represented as a beautiful woman from the waste up and as a snake from the waste down. Lilith, aside from a stray reference comparing her to a “screechowl”, does not appear in the Bible. It is in Rabbinic Midrash that the full account of Lilith is reported. The rabbis began with the Biblical reference to man’s first creation as a bisexual being–“male and female”. Some of the rabbis found in this image something similar to what Aristophanes proposed in the Symposium: a dual bodied being later divided into two who must thereafter seek each other out. But others tried to take into account the later creation of Eve. If woman was created from Adam, after his initial creation, than what happened to the female created at first? The answer, according to the Midrash, was that she was Lilith; created with Adam. 36″

    Lilith is the snake in the garden giving the apple.

    One wonders just what this has to do with coffee…juan valdez is very confused i suppose.


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