2 thoughts on “The changing definition of “vaccine”

  1. I love how they use the word vaccine to define the word vaccine. Like defining the word “action” as the “ability to do action”.


  2. Thank you for posting this. I will bookmark for easy future reference. Dr. Mercola has noted that they also changed the definitions of “herd immunity” and “pandemic.” It is obvious they are changing medical terminology for the sole purpose of pushing/selling their drugs.

    There is hardly a social Ill experiencing expansion that cannot directly be blamed on the Doctor Cohort/Doctor Inflicted Tyranny. Through the Doctor Cohort heinous laws have been established leading to cruel and unusual punishment. Further, the Doctor Inflicted Tyranny has a huge portion of the population is so brainwashed it believes that the heinous murder of George Floyd was justified because he was in possession of two pain pills. It is typical that the Doctor Inflicted Tyranny uses race division to tear our country apart. Recently the Doctor Cohort owned MSM used race based division to unleash itself and attack Nikki Minaj. Nikki’s crime was that she tweeted that people should do some research before getting a cv 19 injection. https://www.brighteon.com/6b76a678-d95b-44e1-9d67-72f874a01219

    The roots of the Doctor Cohort using inhumane laws for the purposes of cruelty, attainment of human guinea pigs, sterilization eugenics based geo engineering, and increased power and profit for themselves are deep. Early in the 20th century people could go to prison for life for the possession of hemp or cdb. In many states this continued far into the 21st century. The Doctor Inflicted Tyranny never restrains itself. Now the Doctor Inflicted Tyranny is flexing its tentacles more than ever and using its influence to create laws that people must submit to injections that contain metals and aborted baby fetus cell lines/material. These injections do not have proven long term safety nor efficacy and have resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and millions of permanently injured. The injuries and death have been more gross and painful beyond what human kind has ever experienced on a mass scale. The doctors will not spare men, women or even children from their disgusting crimes against humanity. What we are witnessing can only be compared to Nazi Germany.

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